Author, Chuck Frank


Finally, the mainstream media has assured us that there is nothing new under the sun unless of course a person is looking for information that is beyond the stars on a far away planet that is trillions of miles away that appears to have water and is much like earth. In the meantime, the New York Times is actually stuck in a political time warp focusing on the same old fairy tales they’ve been pushing now for how many years? Like so many other news outlets and their gimmicks, the elite 5% who capitalize on false narratives are packing away their millions into off shore bank accounts. Yes, major corruption in the U.S. has been validated but not as conspiracy theory but as facts which is now being exposed by various sources or even read about in books that disclose in detail many of the sinister persons and their devious acts whether in government or not who have held high positions for decades past and present.

As 2020 approaches the deep state is getting nervous, yet these people, who are not even near to being lily white are many and have insulated themselves through a carefully crafted protection scheme to where others who are their safety net are also in key positions within various federal agencies and are there in order to prevent their criminal friends or associates from being prosecuted. This is done through a carefully orchestrated system of either endless fact finding, legalism or just outright stonewalling.

It is clearly obvious how the game is played today, all the while at the same time, certain Marxist mainstream media outlets use the great divide in Congress for the sake of more money while also indoctrinating the masses with doublespeak for the benefit of the elect, whereby continual money is being funneled into the coffers of these high rolling politicos and their mainstream media support group.

With the advent of the Internet and alternative news, the playing field has changed dramatically for the betterment of society, yet Google, Facebook, and other Silicon Valley players still seek to tweak the 2020 airwaves with their 1984 Newspeak playbook for the sole purpose of silencing their adversaries and continue their objective which is meant to benefit their globalist machinations and finally create  a New World Order.

This fact must lead to a new vision if America is to survive as a true republic. There needs to be major changes put into place from the top down. One such major change would be hundreds of Constitutional Commissions in State, County and Federal governments that will oversee legislative proposals and policies to make sure that they are Constitutional. Also, these Commissioners who are elected, and not appointed, examine previous laws to see if they are truly Constitutional and if not, those laws or policies will be either thrown out or revised within a new Constitutional framework which includes full attention to the Bill of Rights.

Since there are only appointed and unelected persons in the many federal and state agencies that lead policy without constitutional oversight, this design affects the majority and it places over 300 million people in America under an authoritarian style of leadership that is far from the original vision of the founders and a true Republic. Thus, the solution to breaking the mould and those bondages that prevail which are many, calls for a new blueprint in order to push back against those responsible for those lost human rights and freedoms which have been greatly infringed upon. These unalienable rights must be restored through other avenues because the original near perfect blueprint fashioned by the founders has nearly been destroyed from within but also by corporate lobbyists and certain non profit organizations that unfairly use junk science and proposals that greatly affect the peoples natural human rights, their life and their pursuit of happiness.

Additionally, the dysfunctional components of America’s corrupted machine must be dismantled and all of those parts and persons that formed the present treasonous dark cloud that has fallen upon the country, must now be rebuilt. Individuals guilty of treason must be prosecuted for their crimes which would, in effect, send out a clear message to others, that future corruption that aligns itself with treasonous acts against the American Republic will not be tolerated.

Finally in closing, I see in the foreseeable future another major element in our nations restoration by returning America back to its rightful place where there is a truer representation for the people. There surely can no longer be a two tier system where government personnel are generally above the law yet anyone else outside of the circle of government can be prosecuted at will. What the America people are looking for is true justice for all and it is not happening because government entities have set themselves up above the law and have forgotten that America was meant to be a government “for and by the people” and not a government ruled by the House of Lords. America, this is your country. Save if for yourselves and future generations.