TS Radio Network: Betrayed by Hospice # 17

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Hosted by Marsha Joiner


Betrayed by Hospice with host Marsha Joiner – September 11, 2019 (#17) with guest speaker Gloria Hartman relaying the story of her husband Tony Hartman’s hastened death by hospice. Another story, all too familiar with those of us who have suffered at the hands of hospice “care”. Tony did not have cancer, wasn’t terminal but had suffered a stroke but had been rehabilitated and was back at home with Gloria. She tells us what happened during the time frame that hospice came into their life with the promise of “we are here to help and provide care and supplies for Tony”. They soon found out that hospice had another motive in mind when they offered Gloria a break from being his care provider. Sadly Tony’s death was hastened and he passed on June 10, 2018 by the compassionate care provided by hospice.

Hospice once again takes away our loved ones in the most horrific ways using a “comfort kit” with toxic drugs to stop the patient from being able to think, speak, swallow or breathe. Compassionate care is a myth in these cases. Unsuspecting people’s life are shortened with opioids and antipsychotics drugs resulting in starvation and dehydration, leaving behind families who are in shock having witnessed their death and powerless to save them and sometimes convincing the family members to give the drugs to the patient which causes them more angst for unknowingly assisting.

It is our intent to inform people about the potential dangers, terminology and red flags of the current hospice. Stealth Euthanasia is happening across the country as elderly and disabled are being targeted for early death and deemed unworthy of life. You have the right to question doctors decisions, refuse drugs, be a part of “the plan” and/or refuse hospice altogether. Never accept what you are being told without verifying.

Dial 917-388-4520 and if you have comments or questions select 1 on your phone and you will be put in a queue to speak.

If you have a story to share about a loved one taken before their time, contact me at marshajoiner2018@gmail.com . You will need verifiable data.



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  1. Florips Bajouco
    Sep 16, 2019 @ 17:06:09

    My 83 year old mother was targeted with narcotics that robbed her of her life in her home. I recently discovered there has never been any scientific data to support palliative care. Someone just made the decision to kill because it seems to be benefiting the greedy crooks. It controls health care costs and it stops seniors from receiving their old age retirement funds.

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