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Join us Tuesday evening, September 3. 2019 at 7:00 pm CST!

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Tonight, Terri Lapoint. publisher of Real News Spark, joins us to discuss her recent coverage of the hastened death of Marian Leonard in an Alabama hospice.  Intentionally deprived of food and hydration, chemically restrained, Ms. Leonard succumbed August 24th as a result of the maltreatment. Ms. Leonard was fully aware that they were killing her, as was her daughter.  The reason given for forcibly imprisoning Ms. Leonard against her will?  She was “old”.  The 103-year-old retired schoolteacher set a record for the 50 meter dash in the National Senior Games in New Mexico.

Marian Leonard died in a nursing home that she was forced into by a judge in early 2018. Last month, her court-appointed guardian Sidney Summey restricted her from having any visitors except a token hour and a half visit twice per month from her daughter – the woman that Mrs. Leonard had designated as her chosen power of attorney, not just once, but 3 different times over a 30 year period.

She died alone. No family or friends were permitted to be with her in her final weeks. The guardian had even taken her away from her roommate, whom Nancy viewed as her mother’s “guardian angel.”


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  1. Joanne Bougalis
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 14:51:25

    The judge that assigned the guardian used his wisdom to deduce that Mrs. Leonard’s daughter wasn’t qualified after 30 years of overseeing her mother’s affairs and she was essentially fired? A woman that got through life for 102 years without intervention by ‘outsiders’ all of a sudden needed to be isolated and murdered quickly for her assets – in her and her daughters best interest. Mother murdered – daughter’s life destroyed. The only time that would happen is if a criminal enterprise stepped in to take Mrs Leonard’s assets. The judge’s and guardian’s narcissism needs to be addressed immediately, systemically. Mentally ill professionals gone wild murdering people and nothing is done by the mentally ill political narcissists because they all got a piece of Mrs Leonard and her daughter. Shame on our apathetic government.


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