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Tanya Talks is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit taking place in Washington D.C., 2020



Hear about the evidence that should free the Shriver Brotherswho remain –wrongfully convicted.

Welcome to “Tanya Talks- Where your voice is heard- and your story is told. Please tune in tonight to Marti Oakley’s TS Radio Network and also live broadcast on Stephen Burke’s 89.9 KLRB FM at: 5 pm pacific, 6 pm mountain, 7 pm central and 8 eastern time. 

The facts of this wrongful conviction will trouble you. Nobody wanted to put this case to rest more than anxious investigators and a prosecutor in a political climate that demands “performance”. Did they think they had it right? Was it too late to turn back- at the cost of these young men’s freedom? 

Kathy Campbell joins us almost six months since her first appearance on the show. Not only are even more pieces being put together to cement the innocence of her grandchildren; but Kathy also will share some important advice and information for those swallowed up by the  corrupt system-should it happen to you. 

The fight for justice is not over and won’t be until those pathological malfeasants are removed for good in Oklahoma and throughout our country. 

Do you feel you are ready to:

* forward your formal justifiable  complaint. I am discussing this and navigating the paperwork with victims / families one on one through zoom, face time, etc.m to assure if you want to get it done – you will.

* start the process of your Petition Of Remonstrance in a unified group already in motion…and/ or put your representatives to work in demanding investigations.

* engage in an Oklahoma Class-Action suit

We look forward to hearing from you. You decide what you’re ready to do and what’s the right timing for you. Listen tonight and send your information to:

Follow pages “ Journeys To Justice” and “Injustice In Oklahoma Exposed”

We might not be all that fancy, but we’re getting it done – isn’t that what REALLY matters… ***Tanya Hathaway is not an attorney and cannot and does not give legal advise. Neither Hathaway, TS Radio Network,  KLRB FM personally or professionally can be held liable for errors or misstatements. Tanya is an advocate, activist, public speaker, media member that believes in truth telling and making things right!