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Letter from USDA’s Forest Service informing us that they had no records of the Devil’s Garden wild horses for almost a 4 month period of time (Click on each page to enlarge or print)

by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild Horse Freedom Federation has been working diligently, over many years, trying to find out the truth about what is happening to America’s wild horses & burros.

We currently have 9 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits filed for violations of FOIA law by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

We have completed 8 other FOIA lawsuits for violations of FOIA law by the BLM in the past few years.

The Bureau of Land Management, an agency of the Department of the Interior, continues to lack transparency.  We file these FOIA requests to obtain records for YOU.  As we review FOIA records, we are continually finding out new information that the BLM has not shared with the public on their BLM website, or even at National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meetings.

We currently have about 17 FOIA requests filed with multiple government agencies.

Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s Directors have spent many hours reviewing tens of thousands of pages of records.  We have shared these records with members of Congress, with the media, with other advocacy groups and organizations, and with the public.  You can find some of the records on Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s documentation page in a series called THE TRUTH.

We also currently have 1 FOIA Appeal filed with the USDA’s Forest Service, who claimed they had no records regarding the Devil’s Garden wild horses over almost a 4 month period of time (see letter at top of this page).  In other words, they claimed there is not one email, not one Bill of Sale, not one piece of paper.

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