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Whistleblower’s! Is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit, in Washington,D.C


A special time and day for this show!  We have been busy! Tonight we will recap the Summit and then move on to the latest BS piece of legislation that is being shopped around to convince the public that Congress actually intends to address the issue of predatory guardians and the abuse of the elderly.  The Federal Guardianship Accountability Act-S 591 and HR 4174 are the latest examples of the attempts to convince the public that congress intends to do anything other than to continue the cash incentivized programs that target the elderly. 

Coz will be updating on the latest in a huge Wisconsin case that we have been working on and also on the progress made on the cases in Alaska.

We will also have a guest the last half of the show who has been victimized in this predatory system, who must remain anonymous for fear of retaliation for speaking out.