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Whistleblower’s! Is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit, in Washington,D.C


Our conversation will focus on my being the Investment Client victim the SEC chased to become their whistleblower on Dawn Bennett, Western International Securities and JP Morgan Clearing. I caved when they said do it to protect other investors having me sign not one but 2 Form 1662s. After almost a decade of giving the SEC and FINRA papers to help them protect investors, as they said, I learned I could never be an SEC whistleblower or IRS whistleblower or on any of the other Federal agencies I turned to for help, as I became aware the SEC and FINRA were curating crimes to fit laws Congress writes, realizing how CEOs never go to jail and token low persons on the totem pole do.
I began to whistleblow on the intentional misinformation campaign the SEC and FINRA rolled out harming Investors, and good Investment Advisors. These crimes had to stop.
As big a shock to me is how little the legislators know about Wall Street crime which is not a Federal oversight but State oversight.
My goal is to stop these crimes from happening. My goal is to do more good with what I learn for victims and for Law Enforcement told to stand down by the SEC and FINRA telling  persons they are the first responders to financial crimes. They are not. FINRA and the SEC are Enforcement. Enforcement is not Law Enforcement.
My impact has been felt all the way up to the Supreme Court. Visualizing Bennett as the model of how these crimes go unseen allowed me to write the way forward for former VA Governor Terry McCauliffe to restore voting dignity to felons who served their time.
I found a way to make lemonade from lemons. That said, I want my name cleared. I told the Truth long before she victimized the elderly men and ladies of USA v Bennett 2015-2017.
Her crimes were known for 28+ years but not called crimes
Madoffs crimes were known for 50+ years just not called crimes. I figured out why and how (it is more than $20million. FINRA and the SEC have a ‘formula’ that reduces the monies stolen)
Attached are the two form 1662s the sec gave me- 1st 2010, 2nd 2015. SEC could not even give me one.
The ‘this’ is about covering up for the Securities Broker-Dealer firms
 I did actually walk to all 500+ offices on Congress to support a Bill by Keith Ellison that failed but was intended to help the victims and forced arbitration. Good thing the Bill failed. I realized soon after the ground zero of this are the lawyers…..
I am Public Investor 12-03894. There is a story about my self identifying accordingly when I introduce myself.