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Hosted by Arlene Mullin and Greg Coleman


Whistleblower’s! Is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit, taking place July 29-thru Aug. 1st, 2019 in Washington,D.C


Our guest is Kevin McDermott :   As a 17 year old Young Man He was at Riverside Baptist Church on April 4th, 1967 when Dr. King gave His Famous Speech Against The Vietnam War exactly one year before he was Assassinated. One week later he marched in a Peace March in Harlem with Dr. King. 50 Years later Brother Kevin met Dr. King’s wife, Mrs. Naomi Ruth King, and now works with Her at The A. D. King Foundation.

Tonight’s show will center around another Executive Order signed by President Trump,  which will involve a number of changes and initiatives that will affect kidney transplants and home dialysis.  Currently, the nephrologists own the clinics, the labs and essentially…the patients. These same people have absolute control over not only the federally funded program, but operate on level of near absolute secrecy.  Patients have to fight to even view their files, reports or anything else pertaining to their disease once enrolled in a clinic.  This new EO will be announced Wednesday.

Supposedly, the EO will be used to increase the number of kidney transplants. and also increase home dialysis.  Home dialysis would eliminate the toxic and threatening environment in the clinics and also would help reduce the stress on the patients.

Questions need to be asked and answered regarding this EO and the planned changes to this federally funded program.

  1.  How are they intending to increase the number of kidneys available for transplant?  If there aren’t enough kidney’s now, what are they planning to do to increase the number available?
  2. Will these new initiatives actually benefit the patients and increase the quality of care, or, are we simply going to see a system of cost shifting to a new and improved business model that reduces liability of clinic owners, while allowing them to continue to profit massively from this program?
  3. Will the president acknowledge that 80% of those involuntarily ejected from the clinics, are black people?  (This has been fully documented over 20 years and backed up by more than 80,000 documents.)

To date, few dialysis patients have been offered or given the option of home dialysis although it has been available.  So what changed?  Why the sudden interest in addressing a program that has historically been owned,operated and controlled, by two companies that operated without any meaningful oversight?


Arlene Mullin — advocate, 20 years experience guiding patients and their families through all aspects of End Stage Renal Disease and treatments.  Mullin has served patients in a majority of states, engaging both Medicare and state health authorities towards resolution of quality care issues at clinics.  Comprehensive knowledge of care issues on clinic level.  She was instrumental in getting the hearings on aging before the U.S. Senate in 2000 where she testified on patient care issue within the dialysis industry.

Dialysis Advocates is grateful for the opportunity to get this important message out for all Dialysis Patients.

We will be having a guest on the first part of every show. Then we will open the Microphones for the Town Hall. Patients and others will be able to discuss concerns and solutions. It will be a patient group, including families.