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“We hang the petty thieves, and elect the greater ones to Pubic Office” Aesop

Australian Association to Stop Guardianship Administrative Abuse  

Joins us to talk about major changes that are occurring across Australia in response to the exposing of the abuses in guardianship tribunals.


· We have an election and the Liberal Party Was re-elected. Much of the same. Federal Government pushing “Kids under the Beds” campaign. Elderly in danger of their children.

· Media starting to report more on Guardianship Abuses

· Soon after:

· Media Raids on Public Broadcaster ABC called “AFP Raids”

New York Times stepped in calling Australia a “Secretive Democracy” and journalists (John Lyons) were forced to live tweet the raid that went on for the whole day. Federal Police looking through emails and files..raiding another Journalists home.

The Association will also be updating on current events regarding the changes happening like lightening as this system of human trafficking for profit in Australia is revealed and exposed.  News from each of these states and territory’s will be covered.

Western Australian & NT,  South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland, NSW & Australian Capital Territory,

Please tune in!  So much happening that the public needs to know.  Upcoming legislation, public officials resigning and South Australia sealing files for 60 years to hide the corruption.  All this and more!