Author, Chuck Frank




     While the 4th of July will be celebrated this week I will remember what those faithful patriots accomplished back in 1776 after the Declaration of Independence went into affect.  They fought for freedom and won.  By the 21 century American soldiers, Marines, the Navy and the Air Force continue to be used around the world in various military actions which has obviously not always been for the cause of freedom.  There have been other issues involved behind the scenes whether it be the lust of power, oil, gold or poppy fields.

Since 9/11 fighting terrorism has been used as an excuse to invade foreign countries in the Middle East.  Yet, there are many issues that now cloud this mission which has not only affected countries outside of our borders but at home as well. And by now, in 2019, the entire concept of freedom has taken a back seat to over taxation, global encounters whether it be war, climate change, environmentalism, sustainability, red tape, bureaucratic overreach or the outrageous and out of control legalism that now cuts into the very heart of freedom.

What also comes to my mind is how freedom has been affected by the Western land grab that includes large forested areas that were supposed to be set aside for future generations which were taken over by the Federal Government which has closed off large areas formally used for recreation.

     One such agenda, as of late, represents a Federal Court decision on March, 28, 2019 that upholds habitat protection of 1.8 million acres for the endangered California frogs.  I will also remind the reader of how the freedom of fishing has been taken away in these streams and lakes where huge populations of trout have been eradicated for the sake of the “endangered” yellow legged frog.  This agenda which transpired a few years ago is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Fish and Wildlife agency and what is considered by many as junk science and ecoterrorism which ends up killing off one species to save another.

In summary, there is a global agenda to, not increase, but to lessen freedom of all kinds and within numerous countries. And while massive surveillance systems are put into place to monitor who’s who and what they are doing, the noose gets tighter and tighter. It is up to “we the people” in America to stop this train before it is too late as full tyrannical rule is just around the corner.  I kid you not.  The biometric data of 250 million people is being moved by the Department of Homeland Security, {DHS} into an Amazon Cloud.  The DHS is on a mission to identify people using fingerprints, irises and faces, a person’s palm and eventually DNA.