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Join us this evening as we cover incoming news from all over the place!  We will be talking about the Aussie’s forcing out a 3rd public trustee who has been on the take for years over there, as a result of being outed for his corruption on our show!

Also, Joe Gale, a non-party affiliated political candidate in Pennsylvania, recently attended a workshop called,  “Working to protect our senior citizens from harm and scams at the 2019 Montgomery County Elder Access to Justice Round Table”.  What can we do to help him understand the real issues at hand?  Coz, and several others have reached out to him offering research, documents and other material on the probate scam running, not just in Pennsylvania, but across the country and globe.

We will also be talking about several large cases in Wisconsin as the guardian for-profit scam gains exposure there.  People are coming from all over the country, even Alaska, to report on the targeting of the elderly and the theft of estates sanctioned by state and federal governments who provide protection for the predators.

Please, tune in and please warn others about what they could be facing if targeted by one of these predators.