**Tune In Thursday’s** On June 27th, 2019 at 7:00 pm EST**

~Join Us  for “Voices Carry for Animals”~

5th Year Anniversary on Animal Advocates Radio, The PPJ Gazette, & Former Marti Oakley TS Radio Network.


4:00 pm PST..5:00 pm MST ..6:00 pm CST ..7:00 pm EST..

Listen to the show by calling (310) 982-4270

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer


Guest will be: Ellen Dent– Co Founder and Executive Director of the Animal Alliance Network



Thank You to All the Former Guests, Callers, Listeners, Marti Oakley,The PPJ Gazette, TS Radio Network, Promoters, & Animal Advocates for your help and support making Voices Carry for Animals a Huge Success! 

Our Voices are the Animals Voices! ~

Animal Alliance Network’s mission is to educate,take action,do outreach, & spread awareness of the daily abuse animals endure every day due to human practices. ALL are welcome! We all have the ability to demonstrate compassion towards all beings.

Please help if you can! These pigs in Oregon need our help and so does this saint of woman who’s saved them. She has been very ill and can no longer sustain her rescue with 150 pigs! They need any help they can get! They need funding and volunteers to rehome these pigs.

The summary: This is serious. Michelle has spent the last 20 years rescuing pigs in Saint Helens, Oregon. Now she needs rescued. She has serious, serious health issues which have compromised her ability to properly care for her 70 rescued pigs. Her finances have also suffered a blow due to these health issues.

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