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Ever wonder why the government, that spends billions if not trillions each year on wasteful agencies and programs, then allows those agencies to become so dysfunctional, so costly they become a detriment to the public? This is an intentional plan in action with a very much desired end result. Privatization. This means, that some special, well connected “stakeholder” who will make massive amounts of money bilking the public is ready and set to go. The word stakeholder is a word used to describe those who have a vested monetary interest in profiting by any means necessary and they have bribed, bought, groomed, and pampered any elected official willing to sell you out. And bear in mind that no private interest would be remotely interested in taking over any of these services or agencies if the potential for unlimited and unregulated profits was not part of the deal.

The reason that the federal government and its agencies contract out work to private corporations; work they should be quite able to perform in and of themselves (considering this is the reason they were put in office in the first place) and the vast amount of money squandered each year, is to limit the information the public can gain access to under FOIA or other inquiries. What that private corporation will hide behind is “proprietary rights” and “trade secrets”. Unconstitutionally ceding their business, power and authority to a private corporation provides protection from prying eyes and mountains of unconstitutional and unlawful activity can be safely kept out of the public eye through privatization.

So called “deregulation” , sold to the public as necessary if the economy is to survive, is simply a means by which corporations are allowed to operate without those precious regulations, codes, laws, or other bothersome rules the rest of us are bound by. Supposedly, regulations make business too difficult for them to operate. And you saw the benefits of deregulation in 2008 when Wall Street oversaw the disappearance of millions and billions of dollars of other people’s money…money which was never recovered. The corporate world claimed that those regulations were an interference with “free trade”, and “capitalism”.

60% of all corporations PAY NO TAXES. But somehow they do receive multi-million dollar tax refunds each and every year. How does “free trade and capitalism” sound to you now? Free breaks for them and the capital flows into their accounts. All the while you, the over regulated and taxed individual fights to keep enough of your income to survive on. [2]


When you see the word stakeholder used in any context, search to see who those stakeholder’s are and what connections they have to your representative or senator. Find out how active those stakeholders are in your state and what their main interest is. What area of the economy either locally or nationally, are they trying to overtake? Then look for federal and/or state funding sources. And look especially close to which of your elected officials are promoting them. Then track down the money trail. Who is “donating” to their re-election campaign in vast amounts of money. is great for tracking the “pay to play” system that runs quietly in the back ground and out of sight of the public.

Ask yourself this question: If the federal government cannot control or efficiently oversee any of the federal agencies, why would handing that agency over to a private, secretive and uncontrollable private corporation remedy that situation? And why, after doing so, would the public still be forced to fund that same agency that congress no longer has control of?

Hey! I have an idea!  How about congress doing its job?  If they are going to fund an agency…how about they also oversee that agency with something more than a useless, pointless oversight committee that lacks any regulatory power and meets once annually so they can collect that extra paycheck for sitting on that committee?

While the labels of “socialism, communism” or other labels meant to terrify the public into accepting the corporate takeover of America are bandied about, the word that should terrify…what you should be paying attention to is ….fascism.

As it is, every agency and office on the federal level is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet as a corporation and generates its own credit rating and number. This even includes the Supreme Court of the United States. [1]

We have been overtaken by fascists and things are about to get a lot worse. Socialism is the least of your worries, but it does make for a boogy man to scare you with. There isn’t a rat’s chance in a deacon box that you will ever see socialism in this country. We’ve already been overtaken by fascism and the worst is yet to come.

What Privatization means to you!

From the perspective of government; main goal of privatization is to secure the hiding of damaging information, wasteful spending, fraud, abuse of all kinds and cannot be controlled because it is a privately owned business. And deregulation will increase the ability of these private corporations to operate as corruptly as they please with no regulations in place to control them.

Add privatization to the purging of any information held by government agencies that is seven (7) years or older..and not only is our history being wiped out, but so is any evidence that could be used in discovery should you decide or need to sue one of these agencies.

Let’s use the Veterans Administration as an example.

Considered one of the most grossly mismanaged, wasteful and bloated agencies in the federal government, care for our Veterans is abysmal at best. Billions of dollars are squandered by this agency on buying artwork, redecorating offices, and other nonsense, while our Veterans are put on wait lists for care. Our VA hospitals are death traps in many cases and the intentional drugging of veterans who suffer from ptsd, the drugs causing sudden death during the night, is well documented.

Having allowed this agency to become so dysfunctional, so costly to the public was no accident. This was allowed, encouraged even, to open the door to “privatization”.

Once privatized, the Veterans Administration will be openly operated by a privately owned corporation. That corporation will enter into a contract with the federal government as a “government services provider”. But…as a privately owned corporation it will not be subject to FOIA requests and will not be required to report publicly anything accept a limited accounting of expenses or costs, or to provide any information revealing anything about how it is operating.

This is a corporate takeover of government functions; “fascism”. As as an example, the FDA is cited in this piece from: FDA VIOLATION OF THE RULE OF LAW [1]

By Jonathan W. Emord

From 1787 until 1937, the constitutional law of this country prohibited administrators from possessing combined legislative, executive, and judicial powers, but for the last 69 years, the Separation of Powers doctrine has been largely abandoned in favor of oligarchic rule by the independent regulatory commissions. That rule has produced rights violations, massive transfers of wealth from private to public hands, government protectionism for industry leaders over new market entrants, vast corruption, and explosive growth in the size and scope of the federal government. The independent regulatory commissions, and the FDA in particular, are destroying free enterprise and individual liberty in America.”

And please pay no attention to the fact that under the “Non-Delegation Doctrine”, no congressional action or executive order is legitimate that violates this doctrine.

U.S. Const. art. I, § 1, vests all legislative powers in the Congress of the United States. The text permits no delegation of those powers, and so when Congress confers decision making authority upon agencies Congress must lay down by legislative act an intelligible principle to which the person or body authorized to act is directed to conform. The degree of agency discretion that is acceptable varies according to the scope of the power congressionally conferred. [Whitman v. Am. Trucking Ass’Ns, 531 U.S. 457 (U.S. 2001)]

This decision alone highlights the common double speak used to conceal the unconstitutional delegation of powers. On the one hand it admits that congress has no authority to delegate any of its powers, and on the other says that when they do they must use discretion.

But what congress actually does is something quite different. They cede all power for rule-making, codes, and regulating statutes to the body they have ceded their authority to. And then tell us they cannot control what that unconstitutionally empowered “body” can do.

The words “free trade” and Capitalism will be repeated endlessly until the public accepts the idea that what these corporations do, their main function, is to siphon as much money as possible out of the public at large while providing limited services. Never mind the damage they do. Never mind the lives destroyed. Never mind that this same Veterans Administration will see its expenses explode as services dwindle, as limits and caps are put on services offered.

And congress will then remind you that although they can advise and request that the private corporation change its ways.. they cannot order them to do anything because they are a privately owned corporation.

We see this same program played out in virtually every federal agency. Billions upon billions of dollars in funding at taxpayers expense, and for some reason these agencies operate at such a level of dysfunctional incompetence that it staggers the mind. And what does congress do? They throw more money at them, and then begin talking about privatization. How much better it would be for everyone if we privatized the agency; how everyone would benefit greatly from privatization. They just don’t tell you that the “everyone” they are talking about that will benefit greatly all belong to the private corporation that was gifted with this cash cow.

And while this private corporation has only one fiduciary duty…to make a profit for its shareholders…congress will continue to flood the agency with billions in funding that for some reason will still be necessary even though the agency is now virtually, uncontrollable and operating for no other reason than to profit.


[1]Not only is the United States a corporation, but the “Judicial Branch of US Govt” is also a Delaware Corporation (Delaware SoS file number: 3383789), listed in Dun & Bradstreet: “The following is the DUNS number for JUDICIAL BRANCH OF US GOV: DUNS number: 956858625


So our courts from the Supreme Court down to state courts are corporate “policy” (as in police) courts.

The Non-Delegation Doctrine

U.S. Const. art. I, § 1, vests all legislative powers in the Congress of the United States. The text permits no delegation of those powers, and so when Congress confers decision making authority upon agencies Congress must lay down by legislative act an intelligible principle to which the person or body authorized to act is directed to conform. The degree of agency discretion that is acceptable varies according to the scope of the power congressionally conferred. [Whitman v. Am. Trucking Ass’Ns, 531 U.S. 457 (U.S. 2001)]


“Instead of paying $16.4 billion in taxes at the 21 percent statutory corporate tax rate,” ITEP noted, “these companies enjoyed a net corporate tax rebate of $4.3 billion.”

Under TCJA, Trump’s new tax law cuts the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. And some big businesses that did end up paying tax in 2018 paid far less than that.