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Kristy reports on the kidnapping, isolation and hastened death of her father under the public guardian/trustee system in Australia.  Everyone involved in my fathers murder needs an orange pant suit- and be placed on visiting restrictions from their own families!

if these psychopaths ever end up in Jail , they will still have more right to life, liberty , happiness & visiting restrictions than what they allowed my father & I 

Making complaints to your agency, Uniting Care & the HCCC was no help to my father or I .

You allowed Uniting Care to discriminate my father due to his disability. Removal of his voice prosthesis, as Uniting Care didn’t  get enough funding apparently to care for it.  He had it for 23 years, until they decided it had to be removed as a cost saving measure? . Well it’s main function was to prevent aspiration; cause of death was aspiration.
So you all aided the killing my father. This was absolutely torture for both of us .  This complaint lead me to be placed on visiting restrictions to my own father. I didn’t harm him. YOU DID.
My job was taken from me, to love & care for my father.  Some public stranger, aka guardian,  was appointed and somehow he is dead within 4 months under your “care”?
With 2 different dates of death.
Guess who gets to benefit from the decisions public guardians made.. the public trustee., conflict of interest??
You have done nothing to stop this corruption. You have only aided the continuous corruption. benefiting from the proceeds of these crimes.
Why wasn’t a coronial investigation conducted?  His death should of been reported to the coroner.  Why wasn’t it ? 
If my father had been a criminal “in custody “of police or jail,  coronial inquest would be mandatory.
Why aren’t wards “in custody of Public stranger “aka guardians “ given the same or more respect to their life & death ?