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Whistleblower’s! Is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit, taking place July 29, 30, 31 in Washington,D.C


Sean Higgins joins us this evening, but instead of being a very vocal whistleblower on the abysmal system at the Memphis VA hospital, he is instead reporting on the horrific conditions he found his 95 yr. old mother living in, in a state certified nursing facility in Florida. Holly Hill, Florida, Riviera Senior Living.  Sean has been taking care of his mother since she was 81.  There is nothing she wants or needs that he does not immediately provide for her.  The facility was infested with termites which were evident in her room.  The mattress of her bed, soiled and filthy and obviously needed replacing.  Health assessments that were to be done every six months, have not been done in over two years.

The accommodations at Holly Hill cost $2600.00 per month.  But the care provided was so poor, Sean hired a private caregiver to come in for six hours a day, seven days a week to tend to his mother and provide her with the personal care she needed, at his own expense.  He purchased a new mattress and bedding for her, and forced the facility to replace the rancid carpeting in her room.

Please join us as Sean tells what he encountered in trying to ensure his mother was receiving the best of care.  The poster below was posted in his mother’s room by Sean…….a little dignity please!

Below is the mattress of the bed Sean’s mother was forced to sleep on. Above is the new mattress and bedding Sean purchased for her.