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Our friends in Australia return to discuss “public guardians”.  This is another family’s journey through the secretive and corrupt Australian public guardian system.

QCAT: Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

This is a tribunal NOT a court. They do not rely on evidence.

Information states that they provide a written transcript. This is not provided stating that an audio of the hearing is acceptable. However, the audio versions lack clarity. Reasons are provided on the disc, but because of the lack of clarity, you are unable to challenge the ruling.

Often applications for a hearing in this “court” are filled with suggestive words, false and misleading information. These forms will sometimes be submitted by hospital staff, social workers, solicitors, saying that someone is abusing the person the application pertains to.  In one matter there were a number of medical reports stating the person had capacity, the presiding member ignored them all.

Just as it is here in the states, property is stolen, along with cash assets and anything of value.  The victim is left languishing in some facility where there is little, if any care given.  Residents in care facilities are often denied the continued use of their hands, arms and legs etc. through the use of restraints.


Mostly church related….Blue Care is the Uniting church arm.

Anglicare, Centrecare…..the Catholic church,

BUPA, OPAL…One people of Australia League.