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Betrayed by Hospice with Marsha Joiner, May 15, 2019 #10 with Guest Dr. Maurice Godwin

Dr. Maurice Godwin is a Criminal Investigative Psychologist and Forensic Scientist. He specializes in investigative psychology, crime scene analysis, missing persons, and geographic profiling of abductors and serial murderers. He has aided local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and is a frequent commentator for the media in high-profile cases. Dr Godwin has appeared on several media networks and written books and articles on profiling serial killers and he excels in researching documentation and finding data that has been previously overlooked. What psychological profile would someone have to be able to commit serial murders? And can some nurses be serial killers?

Call in or listen on line and hear expert Dr. Godwin share with us some of his experiences over 15+ years and how he has been able to help find and indict criminals, assist in finding buried bodies and in some cases keep innocent people from going to jail.

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