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Hosted by Arlene Mullin and Greg Coleman


Whistleblower’s! Is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit, taking place July 29-30-31, 2019 in Washington,D.C


Chili Most and Zmost

Believes this is an assignment from God and a mission of obedience.

The violence/N”Love with Love Campaign is to raise the awareness of consciousness to the pandemic of senseless killing around the world to cut violence by over 50 percent in the United States, 10 percent worldwide and inspire people to reach their potential.
Since 2012 thy have made over 2500 radio appearances, more than 200 million listeners .
This is only part of what Chili has accomplished! I have personally known Chili for many years, as has Marti Oakley and Marcel Reid both from the Whistleblower’s Summit.
Chili is the true hero for the dialysis patients nationwide. His strategy is amazing to all that are honored to know him.
He is always saying “he is chopping a tree”, which he is working with many others with his vast contacts around the world, and has opened many doors for us, and has been instrumental in getting patients their rights and know he has us well placed.
Thank you my friend Chili Most.

Arlene Mullin — advocate, 20 years experience guiding patients and their families through all aspects of End Stage Renal Disease and treatments.  Mullin has served patients in a majority of states, engaging both Medicare and state health authorities towards resolution of quality care issues at clinics.  Comprehensive knowledge of care issues on clinic level.  She was instrumental in getting the hearings on aging before the U.S. Senate in 2000 where she testified on patient care issue within the dialysis industry.

Dialysis Advocates is grateful for the opportunity to get this important message out for all Dialysis Patients.

We will be having a guest on the first part of every show. Then we will open the Microphones for the Town Hall. Patients and others will be able to discuss concerns and solutions. It will be a patient group, including families.