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Pennsylvania:  New guardianship rules roll out June 1 across the state.  Already begun in Philadelphia the new rules requiring ongoing background checks for court-appointed guardians will go into effect.  This is going to make life difficult for the predators in this system that have operated without these back ground checks for decades.

In January, the new Guardianship Tracking System (GTS) went live, allowing courts from various counties to flag troublesome guardians.  Whether this new system is what flagged Gloria Byars?

From KYW1060 reporting

“Gloria Frances Byars has been charged with multiple counts of theft, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and other crimes, for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from the people the court appointed her to help.

“She billed them so she could profit, and she stole from them,” said Ben Waxman, spokesman for the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office. “This is still very much an active investigation.””

Before you jump to any conclusions….bear in mind that while Byers was relieved of more than 100 wards, those cases were handed over to another notoriously infamous guardian who can be depended upon to keep the system operating as usual.  Tune in to hear how Pennsylvania deals with problems in the guardianship system.  This will make your head spin!