Editors Note: Quote from Australia:  “We can’t even defend ourselves….they disarmed us.”  The goal of all these incremental pieces of legislation are focused on eventually taking away your right to self defense.  Your guns represent no threat to the government as the weapons they are equipping our law enforcement departments with would render them useless anyway.  BUT!! What they are after is the psychological impact that would ripple across the country when the right to self defense against government tyranny has been totally destroyed.  And once this right is totally destroyed….you can only imagine how threatening government on any level would become. (end note:)


In the middle of the night, the Minnesota House of Representatives passed a massive gun control package as part of the Public Safety Omnibus Bill by a vote of 70-64!

This bill (Senate File 802) brings both ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ AND ‘Universal Gun Registration’ legislation onto the books here in Minnesota!

As you know, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ would allow almost anyone to make a complaint with a judge and have your firearms confiscated for life — before you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything!

And Universal Gun Registration legislation would make felons out of countless Minnesota grandfathers who pass on their family firearms to their grandchildren, unless they first beg for government permission.

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This just happened and I need you to take immediate action as this bill is going to the Senate where it could be voted on at any moment!

Please send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your Senator right away, insisting that they kill this bill!

Senate File 802 is the nightmare bill that we have been fighting against since election night last year, and, with the House having passed this combined gun control bill — our freedoms are now in the hands of the Senate.

And as you know, Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka has been open to making a deal with gun-grabbers all session.

Even worse, with Senate Republican Caucus members like Scott Jensen and Paul Anderson already openly supporting versions of this legislation in the past, we can’t take anything for granted!

Right now, there are three options that Senate Republicans can take.

>>> First, they can totally cave into the radical gun control agenda here in St. Paul and pass this bill as is, resulting in a complete victory for Bloomberg and a devastating blow to our freedom.

Insiders tell us that that is something that Senate Republicans are ‘open to,’ as they want to adjourn and go home for the year.

>>>  Second, they can delay this issue for a couple of weeks before they are forced to vote on this issue.

Every day they wait the temptation to give in to the gun-grabbers demands only mounts, especially with Republican Senators like Jensen and Anderson urging their colleagues to pass this bill.

>>>  Third, they can strip the gun-control provisions out of this massive budget bill and send the bill to what’s known as a conference committee.

In this conference committee five Senators and five Representatives will meet together and hammer out a back room deal that both chambers will agree to at the last minute.

Either way, your gun rights and your right to defend yourself is on the line in a very real way.

That’s why I hope you’ll take action immediately and insist that your Senator hold the line and strip both of these gun control provision out of Senate File 802!

I hope you take action right away -– as we’re in a war in St. Paul!

Michael Bloomberg wants you completely disarmed and helpless, and House Democratic leaders want the exact same thing.

The only thing standing between their radical agenda is you –grassroots gun owners.

Once you’ve sent in your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL I hope you’ll also consider an immediate contribution to help Minnesota Gun Rights maintain the fight here in St. Paul!

Some incredible patriots have already made massive donation of $500 to $1,000. If you can make a donation like that, please do so as we need it now.

For others, I know that $100, $50, or even $25 is a real stretch.

Whatever you can do, please donate today to help us keep the Minnesota Gun Rights mobilization program running at full speed!

For Minnesota,

Benjamin Dorr
Executive Director
Minnesota Gun Rights

P.S. The Minnesota House, who basically reports directly to Michael Bloomberg, just rammed ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ AND ‘Universal Gun Registration’ legislation through the House.

This massive gun control bill will pass into law, unless Senate leaders stand up and fight for you and me. But given how weak they have been all session, we can’t take anything for granted.

So please fire off your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL at once, demanding that your Senator hold the line and strip this gun control language out of Senate File 802!

When you’re done, please make an emergency donation at once!