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Another guest from Australia joins us this evening to discuss the kidnapping, isolation, theft of estates and expedited deaths of the elderly in that country. Australia, which functions almost totally as a full blown police state, threatens jail, fines and other retaliation for exposing the targeting of elder individuals for exploitation. Local police are used to violently retaliate against anyone speaking out about the crimes committed by Tribunals, and gag orders are immediately issued to prevent anyone from doing so.

Just as happens here in the US, the predators can claim any number of unfounded charges against family and friends and the tribunal will not accept or acknowledge any evidence to refute those bogus charges. And, private auditing of accounts after the predators take charge, reveals serious issues with the billing of charges to the estate, many of which defy logic or reason. Not a problem for the Tribunal!!

We are witnessing a coordinated global culling of the elderly. Those being targeted first are those with property and/or liquid assets. These assets are immediately seized by government certified predators who operate under the protection of the Tribunals which oversee these crimes. Just as here in the states, future generations that should have inherited family accrued wealth, are being dispossessed of the family property and left with nothing. What would be criminal acts in any other sector of society is just “business as usual” for government sanctioned agents.