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Its a global plan to disinherit future generations:  Guardianship and the theft of estates.

JUNE joins us from Australia:

Although my late father’s story happened over 2 decades ago, most stories have similarities that show nothing has changed since that time, in fact it has become much worse.

My Father’s NSW Guardianship story is complex & like all good ‘crime stories’, it has twists & turns that would take far too long to tell however, I’ll give you brief details of it.

The issue involves Misuse of Guardianship by Con-Artists, Facilities, Hospitals, Service Providers, Retirement Villages etc.

I have examples described by submitters to a 2015 Gov Inquiry.

We have many inquiries & reviews of our ‘Laws’ concerning Elderly & Disabled People, however,it’s ‘normal’ for the Gov to ignore the resulting recommendations.