Mike Bowman



As if the intentional stalling out of flights was not enough to ruin your trip, the raging and screaming TSA agents add another layer to the attack on flyers that begins when they enter the airport. Never will you encounter a more aggressive and perverse group of individuals, than those who work for “national security”, TSA. What happens in these individual’s minds when they don that uniform and tin badge, is beyond comprehension for the average person. What passengers are routinely exposed to is a planned assault that has little to nothing to do with keeping anyone safe, and more to do with acclimating  the public to not only produce their papers but to submit and comply to the orders from government thugs.

Our airports, outfitted with billions and billions of dollars in high tech scanners, should be sufficient for determining the safety of passengers. But, no. For some reason the slightest movement will produce a screen covered in little yellow squares indicating to the TSA agent that you are a prime target for molestation and hyper aggressive behavior. Now, at this point, as the agents are all screaming “you moved!”, wouldn’t the rational thing be for you to enter the scanner a second time and try to hold still? If they know that’s what caused the yellow blocking on the screen, wouldn’t a reasonable person think it more logical to have you enter the scanner a second time? Not so fast! You are dealing with TSA personnel here and if there is anything they aren’t, it is rational and logical.

What is about to happen to you is unthinkable. Because of the misreading of the scanner, you are about to be assaulted. Come over here and stand on the foot pads. Hold your arms out. At this point, the TSA agent aggressively accesses every area of your body. Even your genital area is groped, poked, or is repeatedly hammered with the edge of the agent’s hand. Breasts are mashed, mauled and groped. The buttocks are rubbed vigorously and repeatedly. By the time the assault is concluded, and this is an assault, you are left angered and stunned. To think that anyone would actually spend their day committing such acts of aggression, while hiding behind some faked up “national security” scheme, is beyond comprehension.

Supposedly, TSA is there to keep us safe. But the question lingers….who will keep us safe from them? The biggest threat in our airports today is not some unidentified “terrorist”, but rather, very identifiable agents of TSA. Even children and the disabled are not exempt. All kinds of excuses are given for why a child must be felt up, rubbed, and exposed to this perverse behavior.

About those intentional flight delays and cancellations:

All across the country in every airport, flights are delayed for hours on end and then canceled. Thousands and thousands of passengers across the country are left stranded with no true explanation as to why. Every airline, every airport…and we are supposed to believe this is a coincidence? We are not supposed to realize that some sort of plan is being implemented? For what purpose? This has been happening for more than a year. According to the airlines, all of whom over book each and every flight, they do not have to pay for inconvenience or time lost. And none of them can guarantee that the flight you bought a ticket for will actually take off. Really? So why are they allowed to sell tickets in advance? Did they tell you when you purchased the ticket that flights were being intentionally stalled out all across the country and that it could be days before you reach your destination? Did they tell you in advance that they do not have to honor the terms of the contract that ticket represented?

Do you know any other business that can sell you a product or service that is not held liable for failing to deliver as agreed? Is this not a breach of contract? Your purchase of the ticket constituted a contract. They failed to deliver on the terms of the contract sold to you.

If you can’t guarantee the flight will take off at the planned time, maybe ticket sales should be limited to sales at the airport where current cancellations and delays would give you an idea as to whether you want to continue on trying to fly or not. And then your account is debited only if and when the flight takes off. As it is you cannot even get a refund on your ticket should you decide to turn back and go home.

When you add in the chaos created by TSA, everyone’s life is put is in danger in our airports. The only thing that appears to be missing is the cattle cars…but the plan isn’t complete just yet so that may be in the works. It would appear that the stage is being set for something. Maybe another 9/11 type event? You know none of this is happening accidentally. Something is being set up. The question is…..who is going to pay the price this time?

While TSA reports a major and chronic employee turnover, claiming it is because $30-40 thousand a year is not enough pay, the truth is, many leave because they find the requirements of this job to be repugnant to any decent person.

And to think that our senators and representatives condone this behavior, never once objecting to the horrendous behavior of TSA and its agents. Again, billions upon billions of dollars spent on high tech machines? And no one can give you a rational reason as to why anyone would have to put their hands on you as a result of passing through one of these modern marvels?

While you suffer repeated delays and cancellations of your flights, most of you will also suffer the indignity and senseless personal assault that will be carried out in the name of national security.

America, your congress and the people should be hanging your collective heads in shame for allowing this to continue.