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Whistleblower’s! Is brought to you in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Whistleblower’s Summit, taking place July 29, 30, 31 in Washington, D.C.


Sharon Kramer joins us to recount her run in with California courts, who were providing cover for several large corporations, after her report on toxic mold……

Toxic Mold Whistleblower Fears for Her Life: “I Exposed One of the Biggest Frauds in America and it Continues to be Hidden”

Two junk science reports about mold were created and have been used in courtrooms throughout America to deny claims of people who have been injured by mold in water-damaged buildings.

Sharon Kramer attempted to expose the flawed science in the reports that were prepared by GlobalTox for the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), and for the Manhattan Institute. She was sued for libel by GlobalTox and Dr. Bruce Kelman, PhD, one of the GlobalTox toxicologists who wrote the articles, and found guilty of libel against Dr. Kelman and not guilty of libel against GlobalTox.

Sharon has concluded that she had been framed for libel for the purpose of trying to keep her quiet. She has been jailed for refusing to be coerced into signing a statement retracting her position that perjury had been committed under oath by one of her opponents.  There was a threat to put her in a psych ward when they tried a second time to coerce her to sign this same statement.  These events and several others that took place in California courts were a blatant display of case-fixing, and corruption.  Sharon has paid dearly for daring to expose the one of the biggest frauds in America, and the people and corporations who profit by keeping this fraud quiet.