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Terry Wargin’s husband John Wargin, age 78, RIP February 15, 2017

Terry Wargin tells how her husband, John Wargin, an active man who got up every morning at 5 a.m. to go to the gym before working part time had his life cut short by misdiagnosis at the hospital and hospice deception.

This happened in Cape Cod Massachusetts where John had been treated for multiple myeloma earlier and approved by his oncologist to safely go on a cruise in the fall of 2016. Terry has the medical records and information that show many incorrect entries listed and conflicting information from various doctors on John’s health. His oncologist was not consulted even though he was in the hospital at the time John was. In early February 2017, he received Lasix but was taken off of it due to being dehydrated, however on being admitted for dehydration on several occasions, records indicate he was given double doses of Lasix. Once John and Terry convinced the hospital to release him to go home, she left John totally conscience but when he was brought home in a transit vehicle he was unconscious due to fentanyl and ativan. John had not complained of any pain! The next day sadly John took his last breath. This is a heartbreaking story of yet another person losing their precious spouse to medical predators who do not care about individuals.

Call in and listen to what can happen to you or your loved ones if you blindly trust what medical staff and facilities tell you. You must be diligent and do your own research. It is our intent to inform people about the potential dangers, terminology and red flags. Stealth Euthanasia is happening across the country as elderly and disabled are being targeted for early death and deemed unworthy of life. You have the right to question doctors and nurses decisions, refuse drugs and/or hospice altogether. There are other options available and it is our intention to give you knowledge about your rights.

If you have a story about a hospice or nursing home hastening a loved one’s death, contact Marsha Joiner at to be a potential guest on the show. You will need to have records that document your story.

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