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“Today’s eugenicists are just a little more selective. Zeroing in on the most vulnerable, the elderly and disabled and those with mental illness, a perceived waste population is being systematically obliterated.

Just because they don’t put a bullet in their heads doesn’t mean this isn’t murder.”


If there was one mistake that Hitler made while conducting the holocaust of WW2, it was that if you are going to murder untold millions of people, you shouldn’t do it all at once in full view of the world. In the 70 years or so since the end of WW2, governments around the world took heed and learned that if you are going to commit genocide, you should do it by stealth. That way, there won’t be too many people sounding the alarm, willing to fight to stop you and possibly causing your own demise. This is especially effective if you control the media and what and how they report world events. Now, with the internet, governments around the world plant fabricated stories to cover up their misdeeds, and actually pay people to man computer banks for the purpose of attacking anyone who might question official stories that just don’t add up.

The American Eugenics Society

The blueprint for the Nazi genocide of Europe was provided to them by The American Eugenics Society. Established in 1926 and supposedly closed down in 1972 or thereabouts, the Society had entire lists of people they felt should be either murdered outright, or sterilized. The Society provided the plans for mass exterminations and other methods of ridding a country of those deemed a waste population, to the Nazi’s.

But the genocide and eugenics ideology has never disappeared. Today, here in the US as well as in Australia, England and other supposedly civilized countries, a concerted effort is in progress to purge the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill. Bills are being passed one at a time in various states so as not to alarm the public too much about the murderous intent of government and those in society who have decided that your life isn’t near as valuable as theirs.

One of the first public efforts to legalize euthanasia was in 1991.

“The right to choose death was called the Patient Self-Determination Act, passed in 1991. This law gave American citizens the right to develop legally binding advance directives that outline whether and which life-sustaining treatments they will accept in dire and difficult circumstances. This can be achieved through documents like livings wills, do not resuscitate orders (DNR), physician or medical orders to end life-sustaining treatment (POLST, MOLST), and others.” This of course has evolved into the Hospice hastening of death of those deemed not worthy of continued care. And the abuse of living wills and DNR orders is now standard practice especially where profits can be affected by allowing the targeted victim to continue to live.”

Today, several states are passing euthanasia bills …slowly….incrementally so as not to wake the slumbering public. Oregon, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont, Washington State and the District of Columbia all have laws on the books now allowing the murder of the elderly and others for expediency. See this way you won’t recognize it as premeditated murder, you will think it was kindness done. So called “right to die” laws are couched on terms like “death with dignity”, “The right to Choose Self Determination”. These bills would be more honestly titled “We are legalizing murder for the public good”.

Along with the eldercide bills are those being passed in states such as Oregon that allow the starvation and dehydration of those deemed mentally ill, or those with dementia. The bill which models its plan on the current Hospice practice of euthanizing through starvation, dehydration and massive drugging, should effectively end the lives of countless numbers of individuals. Consider it a cost saving measure. After all, these people are not likely to be productive now or in the future so we really don’t need them sucking up resources and funds. And I would assume this is all ok as long as it isn’t you they decide is not fit to live.

Wisconsin BAR publications

“The Oregon approach has, by and large, been the template adopted by the other states that passed Death with Dignity measures.

“In the last 20 years, four additional states and the District of Columbia have passed Death with Dignity statutes:

  • California: End of Life Option Act, 2016
  • Colorado: End of Life Options Act, 2016
  • District of Columbia: Death with Dignity Act, 2017
  • Vermont: Patient Choice and Control at the End of Life Act, 2013
  • Washington: Washington Death with Dignity Act, 20085

In each statute, the patient must be an adult resident of the state, be terminally ill and expected to die within six months, and make two oral and one written request to the physician.6

The only state that allows doctor-assisted suicide – with differing requirements – is Montana. Unlike the previously mentioned states, Montana has no Death with Dignity legislation. Instead, a ruling by the Montana Supreme Court held that physician aid in dying for a terminally ill patient was not against public policy, and that a physician is not liable for prosecution for providing a lethal dose of medicine to the patient, so long as the patient can administer the dose themselves.7

While only six states and the District of Columbia have measures that allow for Death with Dignity, most other states have made attempts to pass Death with Dignity acts. This year alone, 30 states – Wisconsin included – are considering Death with Dignity legislation.8

So death comes by stealth to those selected for extermination. But the powers that be were wise enough not pass this kind of legislation at the federal level…that might have caused a riot. Slowly, one state after another passes these eugenics bills so that you get used to the idea, you get conditioned to it. That way when it is pervasive across all the states you won’t go into shock and maybe do something crazy like standing up and speaking out and objecting to it.

In the End…

While recounted almost solely as a “Jewish Holocaust”, which it certainly was for the Jews, it encompassed many more ethnic and religious groups. Untold numbers of Gypsies were murdered…just for being Gypsies. Millions of Polish and Czechoslovakian people were also wiped out. Along with them, were French, Greeks, Italians and even a fair number of Germans and Russians. Yugoslavians, Serbs, and the countries of Belgium and Hungary also suffered. Anyone who was old, disabled, mentally ill…gone. Christians, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims along with entertainers, educators, and homosexuals were selected for death. Anywhere the Nazi’s attacked, people died as the efforts to establish one pure race rolled across Europe. Like all committed eugenicists, the Nazi’s felt it their duty to clean up what they considered to be a defective gene pool and to eradicate anyone that did not meet their criteria for whom was qualified to live or those who had the audacity to oppose them.

Today’s eugenicists are just a little more selective. Zeroing in on the most vulnerable, the elderly and disabled and those with mental illness, a perceived waste population is being systematically obliterated.

Just because they don’t put a bullet in their heads doesn’t mean this isn’t murder.