Duty to Warn

(Below is a tiny portion of the many very good reasons why legal drug cartels should never have been trusted in the past and why they should never be trusted again)

By Gary G. Kohls, MD – April 10, 2019

PART 1….


In some of the many Duty to Warn columns that I have written over the years about the domination that for-profit corporations have acquired over healthcare delivery in America, I have especially tried to warn readers (especially parents of vulnerable infants and children) about the many hidden dangers from the thousands of drugs and vaccines that are mass-produced by the hundreds of multinational drug and vaccine manufacturers across the world. Every single one of those corporations has unethically hidden those dangers via their ever-present propaganda efforts.

For profit corporations don’t pledge the Hippocratic Oath like physicians and nurses used to do. And the only “ethical” duty of corporations is a fiduciary one. Their only “ethical” responsibility is to their shareholders; and that means “to make as large a profit as possible” so that those shareholders will benefit from dividend distribution or share price escalation.

Large for-profit corporations meet the definition of sociopathic entities, which means they have no real interest in the well-being of the public or the environment – unless there are some long-term benefits for the corporation in pretending to be a good citizen or a protector of the environment.

Multinational corporations, no matter what there are the products that they manufacture or market, are largely cold-hearted, conniving, money-hungry entities. Most of us see through their advertising propaganda and attractive logos, sports sponsorships, and their smiley-faced spokespersons who are regularly given space to spout their propaganda during the nightly news reports.

The most recent example for those of us in northeast Minnesota is the cunning campaign by those investor groups that have taken a stake in the PolyMet/Glencore experimental copper mining project whose massive toxic tailings sludge lagoon will be located near the headwaters of the St Louis River (that drains into Lake Superior).

In the PolyMet case, area media outlets (TV [both public and commercial], radio [both public and commercial], and newspapers [mainly commercial]) are loaded with pro-PolyMet propaganda, all cleverly ignoring the huge risks of the project (including the total destruction of the St Louis River estuary and portions of Lake Superior) while over-emphasizing the very temporary and very theoretical advantages of the project.

Every un-elected regulatory body (including the MN DNR, the MN PCA and the US Forest Service) and the vast majority of politicians from both major political parties have chosen to be silent about the risks.

That is how multinational corporations work, and they can do it without pangs of conscience because they are sociopathic entities. Sociopaths have no conscience.

Multinational corporations have been guilty of egregious examples of mass poisonings of the earth, air, water, humans and animal life.

Multinational corporations are the guilty ones behind the mass extinctions, the global climate crisis, the “dead zones” at the mouths of major rivers and, in the case of the big multinational pharmaceutical and vaccine corporations, the epidemics of autoimmune disorders, Alzheimer’s dementia and many chronic illnesses – which turn out to be highly profitable illnesses for the corporations that caused the epidemics in the first place!

In the case of the Big Pharma/Big Vaccine cartels, the synthetic chemicals in their drugs and the toxic ingredients in the vaccines have been damaging a sizable percentage of the bodies and brains of infants, children, adults and pets ever since vaccines started containing live viruses, and the neurotoxins mercury and aluminum; And the incidence of damage has been getting worse every time a new vaccine is added to the CDC- and AAP-approved immunization schedules.

Defining Corporate Sociopathy

Sociopaths have no consciences, whether they are individuals, CEOs or inanimate corporations. They lie, cheat, steal and manipulate others for their own benefit (or, in the case of corporate sociopaths, for the benefit of their profit-seeking shareholders, employees, executives or boards of directors).  

Corporate sociopaths are constantly trying to brainwash the public (some of whom are potential customers or employees) via propaganda, publicity, advertising, salesmanship, etc. Sociopaths always try to be charming when someone is watching, but the charm is usually fake.

Sociopathic entities are often megalomaniacal, have delusions of grandeur, are manipulative, never admit guilt and, if they are ever caught saying something apologetic, are never actually genuine in their apology.

Sociopaths tend to be compulsive liars and cannot be reasoned with. Large corporations (and also wealthy individuals) often have teams of lawyers to defend against any threats or lawsuits that their deceptive products engender, and they also employ large numbers of public relations people to make their public pronouncements, write their speeches and burnish their images.

Corporate sociopaths will lie even when they know that they will get caught lying, but they will have made the calculation that any punishment won’t be unaffordable.

Corporate sociopaths often attain great wealth and power through their deceptive tactics, and when they have “finally arrived” to a point of respectability, they will double down in their efforts to influence politicians with political “contributions/bribes” in order to create legislative advantages for their future businesses. As an example, laws mandating multiple vaccines for private citizens – whether there are valid medical contraindications or not (!) – will soon be a priority that sociopathic Big Vaccine corporations, their lobbyists and their paid-off or otherwise complicit or naïve legislators will impose on state legislatures in their attempts to legally (and fascistically) force through any number of pro-over-vaccination state laws.