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Join us this evening as we welcome Australian Association to Stop Guardian & Administrative Abuse.

In the first of a series, Chris from AASGAA will introduce her organization to our listeners. Topics we intend to cover will include:

Australian Guardianship System

How it works as say compared to the USA

Tribunals & Guardians & Trustees-Pitfalls

Powers of Attorney & Advanced Care Directives-Pitfalls

How People are drawn into the system

Tricks and Tactics & What families are up against

Some of the horror stories we have heard in Australia

This is a system being implemented in many countries that result in the theft of land, liquid assets and eventually the life of the targeted victim. The elderly are the largest block of homeowners in both countries.  Even though most have constructed estate planning and wills, these are dismissed regularly by tribunal members and the assets gifted to the predators.  Families are disinherited, but more than that, have to suffer the kidnapping, isolation, forced medication and eventually the cremation of their family member that fell prey to these professional predators.