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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


This broadcast is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the annual Whistleblower’s Summit July 29, 30 and 31st in Washington, D.C.


We are committed to reversing the rights violations that occur in Oklahoma government legal systems. We hope to provide a template for others as we work to reclaim our protected rights. Join us to reclaim your freedom from tyranny and realize the deprivation of civil liberties committed by those elected/selected/ appointed- and operating under oaths, who have failed to be proactive and protective for “We The People”. We have been harmed and are in harms way as a result of these actions by those in power.

PLEASE TUNE IN FOR UPDATES, how you can get involved; a continued talk with guest Largus Brock, and yet another of pile of validated infringement of our US and Oklahoma’s own Constitution.

Do you feel you are ready to:

* forward your formal justifiable complaint

* start the process of your Petition Of Remonstrance in a unified group already in motion…

* engage in an Oklahoma Class-Action suit

We look forward to hearing from you. You decide what you’re ready to do and what’s the right timing for you. Listen tonight and send your information to:

Follow pages “ Journeys To Justice” and “Injustice In Oklahoma Exposed”

We might not be all that fancy, but we’re getting it done – isn’t that what REALLY matters…