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Hosted by Marti Oakley With guest Neil Shelton


“The rise of Corruption, False Allegations, Cruelty and Total Disregard to Human Life and Rights is the other side of the Mayberry you will see.

This Unbelievable but documented and vetted story is told mainly by the very paperwork that was used to destroy William Neil Shelton. All the names are true and the documents have not been tampered with so the paperwork tells the bulk of the story.

Volume 1 “LEVERAGE” will take you through the first part of William Neil Shelton’s story. The Embezzlement and ILLEGAL actions of the Mount Airy Police Department, District Attorney, Surrey Bank and Trust, to name a few, and stops just short of any Divorce issues.”

Volume 1 available here.

Growing Up Mayberry "Just The Facts" Volume One "Leverage" by [Lozier, Guy, Shelton, Neil]Growing UP Mayberry, “Just the Facts”
Volume 1 “LEVERAGE”.  A few months before being kicked out by the ex and the nightmare begins
Volume 2 “ANNIHILATION” Growing UP Mayberry “Just the Facts”  Starts at divorce shows tactics including The Silver Bullet Technique which I am poster child for and goes up to being released from jail after 281 days.
Book 3: “RECKONING” Growing UP Mayberry “Just the Facts”  picks up there and stops at DC