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From Neil Shelton and award winning Author Guy Lozier, winner of multiple S.A.B.F. Gold Literary Achievements comes this True Life Crime Story right out of the Twilight Zone as featured on the Fox News Network’s ‘The Buckley Report’ by Bob Buckley…

There’s Blood on the Streets of Mayberry…  Growing Up Mayberry "Just The Facts" Volume One "Leverage" by [Lozier, Guy, Shelton, Neil] Order HERE!

Growing UP Mayberry “Just the Facts” Volume 1 LEVERAGE, gives a glimpse into the other side of America’s Hometown of Mount Airy (also known as Mayberry), North Carolina that most never experience nor could imagine experiencing.

Andy Griffith was born and raised in Mount Airy, North Carolina. There have been plenty of interviews and conversations to suggest that Mount Airy was the basis for the Fictional Utopia called Mayberry, as well as interviews and conversations that it wasn’t the basis for Mayberry other than the names of the people and businesses.

The Andy Griffith Show represented everything that was right with America…always teaching a lesson with each and every episode. Justice, Honesty, Kindness and doing what is right were the driving factors to create the said UTOPIA of Mayberry.

The Andy Griffith Show filmed its last episode in 1968 and has never been off the air since its first episode.

This true-life story picks up in 1970 and takes you along the journey of William Neil Shelton, a former life-long resident of Mount Airy, North Carolina aka MAYBERRY.

With this story you can trace the Moral Decline of America which put us as a Country where we are today.

The rise of Corruption, False Allegations, Cruelty and Total Disregard to Human Life and Rights is the other side of the Mayberry you will see.

This Unbelievable but documented and vetted story is told mainly by the very paperwork that was used to destroy William Neil Shelton. All the names are true and the documents have not been tampered with so the paperwork tells the bulk of the story.

Volume 1 “LEVERAGE” will take you through the first part of William Neil Shelton’s story. The Embezzlement and ILLEGAL actions of the Mount Airy Police Department, District Attorney, Surrey Bank and Trust, to name a few, and stops just short of any Divorce issues.

Volume 2 “ANNIHILATION” is coming soon. This is another mind-bending Journey in itself.

“This ain’t Andy’s Mayberry anymore”.