Author, Chuck Frank

      America is neither a democracy nor a Republic.  It is because in a Democracy or a “representative” Republic, laws will not be affected by corporate elite’s or nonprofit institutional lobbyists, but the country will be fashioned to benefit the people, their life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness.  If those framers of our Constitution had foresaw the collateral damage that would have arose out of the ashes because of those high rollers of industry, non profits and other treasonous, sinister players within America’s deep state, they would have placed mechanisms within the framework of the Constitution to prevent their concentration of power and sought to protect the people from the present corruption, but also the web of hi-tech surveillance that is already here and is rapidly increasing which will come in the form of a 5G electronic worldwide, wireless network to where more
speed, bondage and intrusion of ones privacy will transpire and freedom will erode.
    Example:  Are the people ready for a car which they may be driving that will automatically send a signal to a police car alerting the officer if your seat belt is attached or not?

     Now then, getting back to what America used to be, which was a free country.  A free country means what it says.  Freedom prides itself in a minimum amount of control, laws, regulations, fines, fees, and taxes.  And the foundation of freedom was the cornerstone of America when it was first birthed.  A minimum amount of government control was the basic ideal.  However, slowly America drifted away from that dream and is now in bondage to 430 federal agencies or even more because the government has actually lost count.  And all of those agencies are quite frankly able to lord it over to whomever and whenever they want.  The Department of Homeland Security has a combination of 22 federal departments and agencies, plus.  There are 137 independent executive agencies and also 268 units in the Cabinet alone.   This is called legalism.

     But all of these agencies, which also include the many regulatory agencies, more often than not, trumps the peoples rights, along with the state’s rights, either through their many laws or withholding federal money for important projects or individual people.

And that brings us to State regulations and their agencies that also lord their powers over the people.  How many thousands of laws are passed by various states regularly while their legislators and their governors utilize more control, jail time, higher taxes, more fines and more fees?  It is happening in various states today and the pace is not diminishing.  It is gaining more ground to where big brother bondage is more prevalent everyday, and what we once called freedom, democracy and a republic is truly now “gone with the wind.”

   Will your vote change the course of America and your country which has been taken from you by those high rollers and also the foreign banking interests who are also connected to national industrial elite’s who are bent on world governance, domination, and the love of money?  That is the question?  In the meantime, a good start would be to ban corporate lobbying.  So,  let us go forward in the spirit of those who seek to bring America back  out of the darkness into the marvelous light, thereby breaking the chains of bondage and setting the captives free!