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Our guest tonight is Tanya Hathaway, host of Tanya TalkS here on the TS Radio Network.

On March 14, 2019, Tanya organized a rally in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, to expose the need for prison reform in that state.  Oklahoma, a state which holds a dubious title for having more citizens imprisoned than any other state, is known for false convictions, fabrication of evidence, and fabricating a case where there is none.  The rally was well attended and attracted local media coverage.  Although all were invited, not one state legislator nor even the governor bothered to show up.  After all…there is money to be made based on the occupancy of prisons and, there is also the corruption of state officials who have a vested interest in maintaining the system “as is”.  Through her radio show, Tanya has exposed several cases that have been prosecuted using faulty DNA evidence,  In several instances, the evidence used to imprison someone, was shown to be false and created just for that case.  Many times these cases are the result of vendetta’s and personal animosity towards the targeted individual.

Please join us as we update on the rally and what the outcome looks to be.