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Jamie Fox is a Gulf War Era US Navy Veteran, and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Whistleblower. In 2007/2008 Jamie worked as a Veterans Service Representative (VSR) at the Oakland VA Regional Office (VARO); from 2010-2014 she worked as a VA Medical Support Assistant; and from 2014-2019 as a Social Worker at a VA Community Based Out-Patient Clinic (CBOC) in Santa Rosa, California; which is an outpost for the San Francisco VA Medical Center (SFVAMC).

Jamie first became a VA Whistleblower in 2008 when she came forward as a witness for another coworker who was being harassed. In 2012, Jamie released evidence to an investigative journalist showing how the Oakland VARO would rather punish a claims processor for pointing out an error than correct the error that wrongly denied a veteran his claim.

In 2016 Jamie learned that her former managers and coworkers at the Oakland VARO gained illegal access to her private records; these were some of the same people who made up lies to force her resignation in 2008 in retaliation for coming forward as as a witness, some of who protected the predator, and some of whom Jamie testified against.

After Jamie sought help and safety from multiple people, departments, agencies, Veterans Service Officers, congressional offices and more, receiving little to no help, she created a website and opened various social media accounts in an effort to garner public support via an on-line petition. Jamie’s public disclosures and criticism of the VA’s blatant disregard to protect her and her private information, such as her medical and therapy records, from the people harassing and stalking her, was met with even more egregious government misconduct. VA Headquarters in Washington DC used the FBI and VA police to fabricate stories and evidence in an effort to discredit her, by sending her to a military psychward after she refused to take down the internet posts they didn’t like, until a  formal investigation was launched into the malfeasance she reported. Rather than protecting Jamie and her private information, the VA terminated her employment as a social worker for unacceptable behavior; behavior that was only begging for help and safety. FBI lied to local authorities claiming Jamie had made statements on social media that she allegedly posted threatening language that included stating she wanted to kill her former coworkers. There is no such evidence to support these false accusations. Now a cry for help has been twisted into a false threat against federal officials for which the FBI is pursuing felony charges. Additionally, Jamie’s father is also a veteran, and has become collateral damage as part of the retaliation and as a result of VA’s egregious misconduct, lost his home and so much more.