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There are 11 days to go before our Inaugural Rally in Oklahoma City on March 14th with a powerful line up of impactful speakers on Public Corruption. This rally will shed light on Wrongful Convictions; Inmate Abuse, Excessive Sentencing,The 85% Rule, mysterious inmate deaths, and Reform. In May, there will be another about Elder Abuse, Theft of Trusts, Estates, CPS abuse (babies and children literally ripped away from loving parents and becoming “kids for cash” often in egregiously abusive “homes”. Each quarter, a new focus- because of the many powers that be and their participation, failure to self-regulate, and the condonation (to say the least) in Oklahoma are why this is happening. The rally is part of a grass-roots movement through “Journeys To Justice-Oklahoma” that is going to Washington DC and will ultimately round up what is needed to remove the Public Corruption from Oklahoma.

Tonight Jason Angel, a dedicated Police Officer, Family Man, Christian, and Advocate for The Daniel Holtzclaw Team joins us along with Biologist, Erica Fuchs. Erica is also one of the original founders of “Uncuff The Innocent” (, a non profit on the side of wrongful convictions.

Both guests will be talking about Daniel Holtzclaw’s innocence with undeniable facts that Erica, a Biologist was able to ascertain and provide absolute and undeniable DNA facts of the flawed investigation that ultimately led to Daniel’s serving of multiple life-time sentences. As well, tonight’s guests are part of our distinguished guests in our March 14th day-long rally at OKC State Capitol.

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Also, please familiarized yourself with The Annual Whistleblower’s Summit in DC!