Mike Bowman



I doubt you could find even one person who believes the official government conspiracy theory of how and why 9/11 occurred. What we can be certain of, is this event opened the door to massive, unwarranted, unconstitutional surveillance of absolutely every one of us. Why? In my opinion, because there is nothing those in the federal complex fear more than the people of this country. And my thinking on this is, that if we knew the totality of the betrayals committed against us as a nation, by those sworn to protect us, we most likely would be rioting in the streets. As horrendous as 9/11 was, what was to follow was an all out attack on the American public orchestrated by the very people charged with upholding and defending the Constitution and the country from all enemy’s both foreign and domestic. Our government and all its puppets looked the enemy in the eye….and decided it was us they were most fearful of.

Having terrified the nation with what is believed widely to have been a false flag attack that cost an estimated 3,000 American citizens their lives, the already created and ready to go TSA appeared in our airports. But in order for the American public to accept this Nazi-esque creation, they had to be scared senseless and abra-ka-dabra! We got 9/11~! How handy was that? All these years later, about the only thing that can be said about TSA that is printable is that it is one of the most despised agencies ever created.

When the government declared war on Iraq, a country that had not threatened us or been part of the 9/11 tragedy, they simultaneously turned on us. We, the American people, were the targets and Iraq and its oil fields only the spoils of war.

Bringing the Stanford Experiment to life

One of the more profound realizations that come from watching the video on the Stanford Experiment, was the rapid change in personalities. A group of students, some designated as prisoners while others were designated as guards, participated in the experiment. Very quickly, those designated as guards became vicious, violent, abusive and posed a serious threat to the students who were acting as prisoners. Capitalizing on the experiment, and realizing the potential in employing average people who felt powerless in their everyday lives, knowing that the potential for abuses would expand exponentially within this group of employees (guards), the TSA was set loose in our airports. What could possibly go wrong??

Far from making fliers feel safer, most feel assaulted, attacked; their bodies unnecessarily groped, fondled and personally invaded by individuals who spend their days taking advantage of the position they are in. With each passing day, the agents become more aggressive, more invasive, taking unnecessary advantage of the position they hold. This is not about security or keeping anyone safe. This is about forcing the public to submit and comply to government intrusion and control. And what better way to do it than to put the idea in these peoples head that no matter how intrusive they are, no matter how perverse their actions, up to and including molesting children, they won’t be held accountable! They are there to keep us safe! But the question lingers……….who will keep us safe from them?

Add to the personal invasions the overall chaos created in our airports as a result of TSA. Even if there was a “terrorist” in the mix, TSA would be hard pressed to identify that person (or persons). Now consider that airports are considered to be “constitution free” zones. 49 U.S.C. § 44902) Talk about well laid plans…

Homeland Security….Does not include your home

TSA, the Transportation Security Administration, was originally to be called TIA..Total Information Awareness. This was Al Gore’s big dream and lest you think or believe that only Democrats would envision such an insidious monster, please remember that it was the Republicans who brought the monster to life. Homeland Security is a misleading title. You think it applies to the country as a whole, when in fact it is the protection racket for the federal complex and YOU are the enemy that government fears.