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Whistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the annual Whistleblower’s Summit each July in Washington, D.C.


Our guest is Jackie Garrick:

Jackie Garrick is the founder of the Whistleblowers of America, which is dedicated to peer support and advocacy.  The website is

Garrick has over 30 years of service to U.S. military veterans.  She confronted the Department of Defense (DoD), when she believed she witnessed fraud, waste and abuse. Her organization, Whistleblowers of America, is made up solely of volunteers. “It’s all about facilitating someone in their decision-making, problem solving and supporting their resilience,” Garrick said. “This can be a traumatizing experience — we allow them to ventilate and validate their experiences.”

“The majority of our members are Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) employees or veterans who have identified waste, fraud, and abuse, medical errors, denials of care or benefits, discrimination, or harassment. For doing so, they have suffered reprisal and retaliation. They have spent endless hours with investigators, lawyers, judges, reporters, and members of Congress. They have spent thousands of dollars in family savings to reveal the truth, seek vindication, right wrongs, save lives, and obtain justice.”  Garrick established WoA because she saw how unjust and unbalanced the judicial process is for whistleblowers.  She notes, “the employee is on their own when fighting wrongdoing while the organization has unlimited resources and time.  Peers can help rebalance the profanation of justice.”