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Please tune in tonight at 5:30 Pacific, 6:30 Mountain, 7:30 Central, and 8:30 Eastern time on Tanya Hathaway’s “TNT Tanya TalkS; Where your voice is heard-and your story is told” on the legendary producer and whistleblower- Marti Oakley’s “TS Radio Network” . You can also tune in to Stephen Burke’s KLRB, 89.9 FM Christian Radio as he broadcasts our show live straight from Stuart Oklahoma who love broadcasts this show three every Sunday with exception to the 3rd (Sunday) each month.

Last week we heard from Gretchen Rachel Hammond; multi award-winning investigative journalist, who by continually pouring herself into her job-with dignity and strength- found out by doing so- just how much is at risk in the arena of corruption: when it comes to doing something about it. Reporting it!

We continue to report the truth- telling from victim’s and advocates well-vetted testimony, and with stead-fast collaboration of efforts are making headway- at least they are beginning to listen.

Tina Goertz, a returning guest, will join us tonight for our 90 minutes with you, along with another to be announced special guest, that will be speaking at our inaugural rally at the Oklahoma City Capitol building on this up-coming March 14th day-long inaugural Rally for “Journey’s to Justice” in collaboration with “Injustice In Oklahoma Exposed”. This first rally is addressing: Wrongful Convictions, Excessive Sentencing, T85% Rule, Prison Abuse, Reform, and Prison Conditions. The next rally is already slated for Guardianship Abuse and Theft of Estates/ Trusts,

This grass-roots strong and growing stronger effort with dedication and promise to correct; will provide the ultimate proof of the core of the problem in each sector of government involved agencies from CPS to private prisons in Oklahoma, that seemingly more often than not- tragically continue to devastate and destroy.

You can throw in your support by listening and sharing and if you wish to learn more or help; please contact me, Tanya Hathaway at:

We are not all that fancy- we are concentrating our efforts on GETTING THE JOB DONE!

Also, please familiarized yourself with The Annual Whistleblower’s Summit in DC!