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Our guest this evening is:  Marie A. DeFrancesco-Malviya, MSN, CRNA, CRNP, FNP-BC, PNP-BC

Marie received her BSN and MSN from Wagner College. Her primary master’s concentration was as a family nurse practitioner. She continued her education and obtained post-graduate training from Stony Brook University as a pediatric nurse practitioner, Columbia University in their didactic Pediatric Critical Care Nurse Practitioner program, and finally, from Villanova University as a CRNA.

Her roles have included nurse practitioner in the pediatric intensive care unit, pediatric transport nurse, family nurse practitioner, clinical coordinator, and, most recently as a CRNA.

Marie is a faculty member at Villanova University in their Nurse Anesthesia program. She continues to lecture at several universities and anesthesia conferences. Her areas of interest include pediatrics, electrophysiology, neuro-anesthesia, infectious disease, and transplant anesthesia. While in Harrisburg, Marie functioned as a S.A.F.E. nurse and was responsible for collecting evidence, working with law enforcement, and testifying on behalf of her patients, as well as serving as a patient advocate. She has recently been appointed to the board of a dialysis advocacy organization as the Director of Patient Education and Public Relations.

Marie is active in her community as a volunteer for Best Friends in Harford County.

Marie A. DeFrancesco-Loukas, is a RN, MSN, CRNP, CRNA Marie joins our Board with over 25 years of experience as a healthcare professional.  She began her career in Pediatrics and took care of children with renal disease at Mt. Sinai in New York. Her duties included caring for inpatient dialysis patients.  At Columbia-Presbyterian Marie worked in the Pediatric ICU and cared for critically-ill children in acute and chronic Renal Failure and was a Prisma (CVVHD) instructor; which is a continuous form of dialysis.  She holds a Bachelor of Science from Wagner College, Master of Science from Wagner College as a Family NP, Post-Master’s from Stonybook as a Pediatric NP, Post-Master’s

Additional Training as a Critical Care NP from Columbia, as well as a Post-Master’s degree from Villanova University as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She is triple-boarded as a PNP, FNP, and CRNA.  Aside from her clinical experience, Marie also has been a faculty member of Villanova’s School of Nurse Anesthesia since 2009. She speaks at conferences and shares her knowledge to improve the care of patients.   Her areas of expertise include Renal Disease, Fluids & Electrolytes, Blood Transfusions, Infectious Disease, and Endocarditis.  Marie continues to care for patients with Renal disease and her current position entails providing Anesthesia for Kidney Transplant patients at Johns Hopkins Hospital where she is the Clinical Lead of Neuro-Anesthesia, Trauma, and Ortho-Spine Surgery. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Marie treated adult patients with hypertension and kidney disease.   Marie also previously served as a SAFE Nurse at Harrisburg Hospital where she advocated for victims of abuse, collected evidence, and testified in court on behalf of her patients. She is well-versed in medicine, nursing, healthcare billing, as well as the standards of care for Renalpatients.  Her journey to Dialysis Advocates stems from caring for a family member with End Stage Renal Disease.  She finds herself today in a unique position armed with years of experience; upon which she is dedicating her knowledge, time, and compassion to helping others.  As she looks back at her career, Marie has chosen to path to “Pay it Forward”

All patient cases have been documented and verified for accuracy.

Arlene Mullin — advocate, 20 years experience guiding patients and their families through all aspects of End Stage Renal Disease treatments.  Mullin has served patients in a majority of states, engaging both Medicare and state health authorities towards resolution of quality care issues at clinics.  Comprehensive knowledge of care issues on clinic level.  She was instrumental in getting the hearings on aging before the U.S. Senate in 2000 where she testified on patient care issue within the dialysis industry.

Dialysis Advocates is grateful for the opportunity to get this important message out for all Dialysis Patients.

We will be having a guest on the first part of every show. Then we will open the Microphones for the Town Hall. Patients and others will be able to discuss concerns and solutions. It will be a patient group, including families.

We also realize that many patients need to be supported and being heard is important for all patients in a safe venue.