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We have two guests this evening:

Hour 1:  Gretchen Rachel Hammond

You can also tune in to Stephen Burke’s KLRB, 89.9 FM Christian Radio as he broadcasts our show live straight from Stuart Oklahoma.

GRETCHEN WAS TIPPED OFF. This extraordinary multi-award winning journalist was told her life was in danger. She was doing her job. Exposing this kind of corruption does not come without risk-not to mention someone of her level of international investigative work reports on very often. Gretchen found herself on the front lines of the dark secrets of government that seemingly condone the worst kind of guardianship abuse.

There was a suspicious death, but it wasn’t Gretchen. The victim however, was in her apartment.

You will hear more about the story from Gretchen Rachel Hammond and what is believed to have led to this; more about the status of the exposure and any updates about the murder investigation.

Hour 2:  James Treat

CALVIN OKLAHOMA – THE PRESSURE COOKER HAS NO SIGNS OF SIMMERING. And you will find out why as return guest James Treat has come a long way in exposing the depth of municipal corruption. What’s taking so long you might ask? It has been a long time, if ever- since the little town of Calvin with an approximate population of 200 has seen the light of day of the dark secrets that are now brought to the surface thanks to this brave man James. His roots in this what might seem like an easy-going quaint town go far back. But little did he know what he was in for upon his return. James will share updates that have occurred since he exposed the corruption on this show and was retaliated against with a KKK-like death threat and his truck was torched and exploded within yards of where he was sleeping.