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Tanya Hathaway will also be joining us.  Tanya hosts TnT Tanya TalkS here on TS Radio Network

It’s not Monday!  We know!!!  Our guest this evening Is Atty: Lisa Belanger.  Lisa has been battling the unlawful and unnecessary guardianship of her father, MARVIN H. SIEGEL for more than seven years.  Her Facebook page is Free Marvin.   As a result of her unwillingness to give up and go away, she has been investigated by the Massachusetts Bar of Overseers with an eye on dis-barring her for exposing the criminal racketeering taking place in the probate courts in Massachusetts.  The BAR council decide they would rather ask for a two year suspension.

Very recently, just as Marvin’s estate was finally depleted as predicted when first taken hostage by these predators, an attempt was made to force Marvin into Hospice.  Lisa successfully stopped this action which most likely was taken in order to hasten the end of Marvin’s life.  After all, the money is all gone…. draw your own conclusions.

For any court watchers and advocates in the New England area; Attorney and Whistleblower, Lisa Belanger is battling for her father’s and her rights. She was just recently “allowed” to see her father after seven years due to false negligence charges against her. Why and how does this happen? Always the common denominator- greed..MONEY. The state of Massachusetts has taken control over Marvin’s health and assets. If you think this can’t happen to you and your family…. think again.

This is a long harrowing story about a tenacious daughter and attorney that refuses to give up.