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Whistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the annual Whistleblower’s Summit each July in Washington, D.C.


Sean Higgins returns for a wrap up of Veterans Administration activities in 2018.  We will also be discussing the purging of documents and records that is happening across the board in all federal agencies and the refusal by agencies such as the VA to honor FOIA requests for information as required by law.

also at issue is the use of depleted uranium during the Gulf War and the forced anthrax vaccinations on the military most especially on Air Force personnel.  What was described as “Gulf War Sickness” or “syndrome”, was the result of uninformed consent as a result of using our military for biological weapons testing that included the anthrax vaccine.  Those who objected?  Were either demoted, taken to military tribunals and prosecuted or forcibly retired.  The adverse effects of the anthrax vaccine, which even the FDA would not approve, have caused life long illnesses including brain damage to thousands of our military men and women.

Watch the full documentary Here:  “Direct Order”

that documents what actually happened to our military during this time.

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