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It’s been a year since Christian Javon Cross joined us on Marti Oakley’s “TS Radio Network” and “TNT Tanya Talks; Where your voice is heard-and your story is told” along with his father who pioneered the pursuit of justice as a result of a hate crime that literally broke his son’s face. Since then, Christian’s father and Uncle continue to refuse to allow this crime to disappear:  to not be tried in a criminal court of law.

Also broadcasting live on Stephen Burke’s 89.9 KLRB FM radio station in Oklahoma and rebroadcast by Randall Stone’s “Today’s Voice Radio”.

Why is it that since the acts of violence against Christian that not only emotionally paralyzed him, but also laid him up and unable to work for months -have some police stepped up the usual harassment and traffic stops on this young black man?

Tonight you’ll find out about the shenanigans taking place in the Leflore County attempts to put this Christian at a disadvantage and we will seriously question why it took a year for the District Attorney’s office to charge the perpetrator, Ross Johnson; and the failure to report this hate crime to the FBI resulting in much less of a criminal charge.

Christian has successfully shown cause for a civil suit and is pursuing retribution, but the criminal charges lie in the hands of those that are supposed to offer the victim swift justice; but aren’t.

Below is the link to last year’s show introducing this reckless state of affa