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Join us tonight as we rally to keep an innocent man home with his family.

Please tune in on Marti Oakley’s “ TS Radio Network” with Tanya Hathaway’s “TNT Tanya TalkS; Where your voice is heard-and your story is told”along with Stephen Burke’s 89.9 KLRB FM out of Stuart, Oklahoma at: 5 pm pacific; 6 pm mountain; 7 pm central; and 8 pm eastern time. Our show tonight is 90 minutes, so please use your reminders for this startling but not surprising infraction of justice that we are working hard to bust wide open with a very powerful force behind Edwin.

Edwin Turlington, a retired vet- returns to our show only a day before he is arraigned as yet another innocent man is being targeted by the illicit and unscrupulous motives of Delaware County, Oklahoma. In self defense, Ed shot a man in the leg that was trespassing and cooking meth with others on his property. The man he shot is a local snitch but also a multi-time felon with a current warrant for his arrest.

Ed’s brother Lance, a full-bird Colonel in the active US Army JAG Corps., and Oklahoma bar attorney, has weighed in on this travesty he felt would be made right by now. After Ed’s arraignment hearing tomorrow morning, (January 7th) at 10 am, Lance is holding a public briefing at Mazzio’s in Grove. This is out of the ordinary, but given the gravity of the blatant disregard for due process by the police and prosecutor- it is integral.

You won’t want to miss this.

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