by James Hufferd, PhD, Coordinator

911 Truth Grassroots Organization




“And yet, even if he really is a genuine sleaze-ball, I believe he’s trying his best to preserve and defend some semblance of the country all of us want.”


A number of recent developments have seemed to favor progress for those of us who deplore globalism and its strengthening rule by obscured and now unsheathed lightning bolt from a largely hidden elite with a generally ruinous agenda, and champion instead universal human freedom, benefit, and self-determination.

One such favorable development, of course, concerns the granting on legal grounds of an impaneled federal grand jury to hear and rule on the evidence than an explosive device or devices were used to destroy the three World Trade Center buildings principally affected on 9/11/01. Meddling or deception of some sort very well might be introduced to prevent the truth from emerging therefrom going forward, but at least, we haven’t been derailed on this leg of our quest yet and may not. Hopefully, we have at last encountered the circumstances of fairness and opportunity we’ve sought diligently for so long.

Meanwhile, the French seem to have already had it with aspects of encroaching globalist rule affecting them (as the Brits did in voting down incipient globalism a couple of years ago, though they find themselves still entangled in it), and they have (the French) taken matters entirely into their own hands, choosing to throw the whole thing over, the Belgians following suit close behind.

On a perhaps still wider front, orders for the shutdown of two longstanding theatres of the global war against non-westerners particularly choosing not to comply with the globalist U.S. and allied elites’ mandate to rule the world claimed or imposed following 9/11 have finally come forth this week. Which seems a tacit and belated acknowledgment of defeat by the west’s amalgamated “enemies” Russia, Iran, and the elected Syrian government in the case of Syria, and the Taliban alone (ironically defeated in a week by the Northern Alliance back in 2002) in the case of Afghanistan.

The fully-predictable angry chorus of neocons and fellow globalists, echoed and amplified by the U.S. media and most well paid-off politicians in lockstep, shouting that President Trump, a less-than-perfect candidate, to put it nicely, to spearhead the fight against globalism and the globalists, will be sorry when ISIS/al-Qaeda reconstitute in the vacuum left, and that he should have listened better and longer to the cabinet of neocon generals they managed to saddle him with to perpetuate the war(s) in the greater Middle East forever. But I’m not convinced that’s true. Because, what they (the neocons, globalists, militarists all, etc.) will never admit or at least breathe is that these two (or is it one, often renamed) terrorist groups are first and foremost of western creation and de facto U.S.-allied ground troops and actors to begin with. And, as such, are already being dispersed and deployed to a dozen other unwitting battlegrounds, minimum, to launch attacks and spread their chaos.

So, why do I see the much-maligned U.S. president (manifestly anything but the choice of the elites), rich, crude, and brash as a mina bird, as the rather ironic de facto leader of our anti-globalist forces, like it or not? First, because he always said he was (a nationalist, remember?) always said he intended to shut down the Middle East war(s) and was always prevented, by imposed advisors who evidently presented him deals he couldn’t refuse, until now. Because he had to break free to meet with North Korea’s “dear leader” (and was skewered as a traitor for doing so). And has tried time and again, and mostly been prevented from meeting with Putin (again, jeered as a “traitor” when he did), not for the sake of committing mischief, bur for the sake of waging peace and preventing the world nuclear war the cheering globalist fans of otherwise now-nonsensical NATO and poking and prodding the mostly-tranquil Russian bear seem fervently to want. He was, in fact, largely reined-in by the lackeys of the globalists around him as keepers for most of two years – until this week, when Trump finally decided he had had enough and suddenly asserted himself, come what may. And think about it – virtually none of the promising stuff I’ve pointed out would likely have happened – maybe not in our lifetimes – had Trump not bothered to come down that escalator.

You and I can say all sorts of nasty (and unbecoming) things about him – as most of our friends seem to be doing, non-stop. The whole establishment (media, celebrities of all stripes, most people overseas, likewise cheer-led by universal western media and put-off by his too-American, however authentic persona) in fact dream of and scheme to literally exterminate and annihilate him, cut him to pieces á la Khashoggi, for goodness sake. But please, let us not all succumb to group think.

I can’t defend nor understand his apparent subservience to Zionists. I myself much deplore that.

But though he has, in my view, all the grounds anyone would need to justify paranoia, he seems to be almost uniquely tough enough to weather the hate and brickbats coming at him from virtually all non-deplorable sides. And yet, even if he really is a genuine sleaze-ball, I believe he’s trying his best to preserve and defend some semblance of the country all of us want. And not doing badly at it. Blind spots, sure. But then, that’s just me, an aging declared Independent, ex-Democrat.

Bottom line – regardless, this Holiday Season – Be of good cheer! All things are, it seems, for once moving our way!