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Our guests this evening are Debbie Coffey (V.P.) and Carol Walker (Dir. of Field Documentation) of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.  They are leading efforts to save America’s wild horses and burros from being managed into extinction by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), operating under the Department of the Interior.

They are going to detail the many ways the BLM is withholding important information from the American public.  Debbie has filed about 150 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for records, and Carol has been “boots on the ground” in the West.

Recently, when a member of the public asked the BLM a simple question about the number of foals that had died at the BLM’s Bruneau, Idaho, feedlot, she got the run around.  The BLM told her:

“We do not keep these records on file locally” 

“You will need to file a FOIA to get that information.” 

WHY?  (The BLM already complains that their FOIAs are backlogged, and they just can’t keep up.)  Debbie and Carol will fill you in on all the details of this, and more.