Chuck Frank


     How did Silicon Valley and those rogue Hi Tech giants, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube become a De Facto media platform, yet, unrelated to news outlets which are either television, radio or
newspaper publishers?  Very interesting.

     The back story begins with those decades past and present college curriculum and indoctrination that has greatly affected many people including the CEO’s that are presently sitting  in Silicon Valley blocking or banning freedom of the press and the freedom of speech that actually began taking shape a few weeks after the 2016 Presidential election.  Yes, it is all documented.  The idea of targeting key words and phrases through censorship was born.  Major computer algorithm changes which were decided upon by top “biased” management teams were then put into place, thereby corrupting a fair and balanced online platform of ideas and ideologies that had previously been the cornerstone of free thought within the American Republic from its very Constitutional beginning.

      With that said, and the present fallout, the freedom of information has surely become compromised to the 10th degree and is being manipulated in a treasonous manner by the private sector, namely Silicon Valley.  Is this not what a tyrant does when they come into office in a hostile takeover?  They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals while lording their oppressive agenda over their adversaries.

     With the case of algorithm corruption, and the outright collusion among these few corporate entities, it is as plain as day that their agenda flies in the face of the First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution which is meant to protect the people from controlled information and the abridgment of freedom of speech and of the press. And the consequence is pure censorship on a massive scale and further manipulation through algorithms.  This is one of the greatest evils under the sun which the founders of America could have never foresaw. Thus, today we the people are witnessing a corrupt time that has never been seen in the history of the world and it has been ushered in through the invention of the computer.

     Whether the American people realize it or not, our nation is now critically in the balance because it is dependent upon the free expression of ideas, and if not, the corporate Hi Tech sector will become likened to a single, state run news network, fashioned after China’s latest dictator, the X-Man who has already been given a lifetime rein of power.  And to speak against him or the government of China ads another nail in one’s coffin.  And to think that the private American corporate sector has already crossed over in a similar fashion in their own reign of power, is unimaginable.

     As a footnote,  US Vice President Mike Pence called for Google to stop the development of a secretive search engine project for China called the Dragonfly, capable of even more privacy intrusion aligned with a system of massive surveillance which possibly could be used later in America!  Google is not a friend of we the people, yet it is a friend of tyrants?  Where are the apologies?

     The solution in this case is to not cater to those corporate entities that have colluded and became part of the Hi Tech privacy intrusion and the CensorShop.  The world must leave these rogue social networking websites for others that provide the free expression of ideas that are necessary for liberty, growth and the health of the people.  And if not, the Statue of Liberty and what it stands for will one day be erased from history.  America, there is a major crack in your Liberty Bell.  Return to those fundamental and foundational principles that built this nation.  Let that be “our” Playbook!