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I was handed a death sentence’

From The Richmond Free Press article highlighting Ora Lomax

Getting kicked out of a dialysis clinic is the worst thing that can happen to a patient with failing kidneys. ...

Advocates help NAACP stalwart Ora Lomax receive life-saving dialysis after a Henrico center moves to terminate her treatment

“The consequences for such patients, predominately African-American, are dire,” Dr. Bear’s statement continues. “Some travel long distances, and some end up visiting hospital emergency departments, where they can receive only intermittent dialysis when in extremis. Others die. This health care practice — the involuntary removal of substantial numbers of patients each year from the treatment that sustains their lives — is without parallel in modern medicine.”

 All patient cases have been documented and verified for accuracy.

Arlene Mullin — advocate, 20 years experience guiding patients and their families through all aspects of End Stage Renal Disease treatments.  Mullin has served patients in a majority of states, engaging both Medicare and state health authorities towards resolution of quality care issues at clinics.  Comprehensive knowledge of care issues on clinic level.  She was instrumental in getting the hearings on aging before the U.S. Senate in 2000 where she testified on patient care issue within the dialysis industry.

Dialysis Advocates is grateful for the opportunity to get this important message out for all Dialysis Patients.

We will be having a guest on the first part of every show. Then we will open the Microphones for the Town Hall. Patients and others will be able to discuss concerns and solutions. It will be a patient group, including families.

We also realize that many patients need to be supported and being heard is important for all patients in a safe venue.