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What is it those in this, supposedly spontaneous, caravan think it is that they are going to find here? Peace? Security? Prosperity? We don’t have any! We are either unable or unwilling to take care of our own people….what is it you think we are going to do for you? Homelessness here in the US is reaching critical mass. Violence perpetrated by law enforcement is epidemic. Our children are taken by CPS and used for profit, and they will do the same to yours. Our elderly are being robbed by probate tribunal actors, and then euthanized in hospice or in hospitals once all their property has been transferred to their new owners. And those of us caught in the middle can barely make ends meet. What is it you believe you are going to find here that you weren’t already dealing with in the country you are leaving behind? Drugs? We have pharmaceuticals for that that are far more lethal than any street drugs and doctors more than willing to get you addicted. Violence? You can get shot to death by police here for having a broken tail light. We can’t board a plane without specially marked ID’s or a passport.

But the bigger question looms: What made all of you in the caravan think or believe you had the right to storm the US demanding entry, even if by illegal means?

The election is over: What happened to the caravan?

The election came and went, and so did the relentless reporting on the caravan of 7,000 heading towards our southern border. Republicans claimed the Democrats were encouraging the caravan so these people could vote Democratic in our elections. The Republicans believed that the continual reports of 7,000 people on foot, heading our direction would frighten voters enough to vote for them. The truth is, neither wing of this vulture we call government is about to do anything to stop this caravan. These are people who can be exploited easily, who can be used and abused. So…what do you suppose is the reason that nothing of any consequence is being done to protect our southern border?

And what made anyone think these people heading our direction were coming here so they could vote in our elections? Really??

Whether you believe you are right wing (fascism), or left wing (socialism), the fact is you are heading to the same ends. Both wings are pitching the same end result, its just a matter of which sales pitch you buy into. Either way, a ruling class will be established and the rest of of us will simply exist to feed the monsters we helped to create.

Republican’s: Did You Forget the Security & Prosperity Partnership of 2005??

Were you all asleep when George W. Bush signed the Security & Prosperity Partnership in 2005, down there in Waco, Texas? The SP&P calls for open borders for the free movement of people and goods to benefit business (corporations). It was intended to lay the groundwork for the North American Union, modeled on the European Union. One government, one fiat currency (the Amero), and the total loss of national identity and sovereignty. We would all be one big happy family! And what was the result of this “partnership’? An estimated 10 million people crossed our southern border, adding to the millions already here illegally. And you see how well the European Union is working out, right? France and Germany among many other former “nations” are overrun with migrants, the middle classes have all but disappeared. Household incomes have plummeted, and just like here in the US, homelessness is becoming the norm.

The SP&P was updated and revised and codified in 2011…under a supposed Democrat president.

You can thank George W Bush and Dick Cheney, both hard core neo-cons, for the initial assault on our country. But, along with them, you can thank all those politicians on both sides of the fictional political divide for failing to stop this assault on our sovereignty, and for failure to protect the public from this effort to dismantle our Republic.

While we watch the advancing of the now estimated, 7,000 Honduran’s (how do we know they are all Honduran’s?) towards the southern border of the United States, the proliferation of right wing propaganda is in high gear. See, the reason these people are advancing on our border is so that Democrats can get more votes. You believe that, right? And the reason the border isn’t secure is because of Democrats. You believe that too, don’t you?

Do you really believe it is only the Democrat, left wing of the one party system in D.C. that is cheering this caravan on? What have you heard from the right wing of this vulture we call government?

Republicans had control of the White House and both houses of congress since January, 2017 and yet no new immigration laws have been passed or even presented, nor has the ”Wall” been built. Now, with the House in the hands of “Democrats” you can be assured that nothing will change, get fixed or otherwise come out well for the public.

We have attacked and destroyed numerous nations based on spurious claims that they somehow represented a threat to the US. Yet, 7,000 Honduran’s are steadily streaming towards our southern border in a planned invasion and you can hear the crickets chirping in D.C.. Does anyone recall a time when thousands of Syrians, Iranians, Lybians, Afghani’s, Iraqi’s, or any other collection of people from any other nation, ever assembled an invasion of the US and got it advertised on the evening news while the District of Criminals sat silent?? We blew their countries up, or at least intend to, based on what?

Remember this one? How about the illegal invasion of the US by 20-30 million people from Mexico?

Have you heard anyone from the right wing call for military intervention to protect our border, other than President Trump musing that he “might” send the military down there? And now that he has, will it will be anything other than what has happened in the past when the National Guard was sent to the border? Disarmed and restrained from actually doing anything to stop the flood of people from other countries, sending the troops to the border was a massive and expensive waste of resources.

Selling us out all along

Prior to this was the 1990, Enterprise for America’s Initiative, promoted by Bush 1, and the creation of Free Trade Zone’s (FTZ). Free Trade Zones, where foreign countries claim sovereign territorries inside the geographical United States and you can see the plan in action.

But the efforts to destroy our sovereignty so corporations could exploit us under the banner of “free trade”, and “CAPITALISM”! (Oooh! I love that one! ) is ongoing. I prefer to call it “Crapitalism”.

While all this was being put into place, “civil assitance” agreements with Mexico, Germany and Canada were signed. These agreements allow these countries to send in THEIR military to assist us in the event we can’t adequately handle a forest fire or earthquake. You know, some event that the US is ill eqipped to deal with. Oh yeah….and in the case of civil unrest.

I cannot believe there are still so many people in America who believe there is any actual difference between political party’s or that either side gives a crap about what happens to us out here in no-man’s land. To add fuel to the political fire, right wing trolls and astroturfer’s are busy at their computers lobbing insults, posting many times what are some of the most profane comments against those who disagree with the propaganda. All of it done to divert you away from the actual issues and to make sure no one actually does any critical thinking about how this could possibly be happening without active intervention on the part of the federal government and the US Military to protect our border from this invasion.

In the end, ask yourself, why would our government would sit by along with our military and allow this procession to continue northward towards our southern border? Personally, I believe this is a specifically created diversion to keep our attention and focus off of what the government is doing. There is a plan at work here. While we were busy watching this caravan advance….something underhanded was going on in D.C.. not that that is anything new.


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