Chuck Frank

Has not this land of America had enough violence in the last decade?  If it is not mass shootings and other tragic events, let us again be reminded of the shooting of Louisiana’s Congressional representative Steve Scalise in June of 2017, who nearly died of wounds from a mass shooter, which therefore sent a clear message to the American people that violence towards even members of Congress is  on the table.  And after that horrid event, one would think that there would have been a change of heart with regard to sparing political parties, but no.  So, who is writing the latest script and is even favoring more of the same?

There are some deep roots here.

 Former Attorney General, Eric Holder just took on a hardened stance by flatly rejecting former first lady Michelle Obama’s widely cited call for civility.  Are we now talking more violence and Antifa tactics? Even Joe Biden has the appearance of joining the choir by calling for a union President to come up and show a member of Congress, Kevin Cramer, “a threshold of pain.” 

What does this mean?

Yet, there are other midterm rogue players that are calling for blood in the streets while certain members of Congress are already receiving threats and sleeping with their guns.  Yes, this is the nation, America, which needs to return to its roots of peace and love, lest the entire country goes down in flames.  It is urgent today that the people come to the understanding that that there is much at stake if the seed of rebellion continues to infiltrate the country.  May the American people heed the warning.  

 Finally, In my opinion, there appears to be a shadow faction that is dividing and driving a violent agenda that doesn’t have the making of a spontaneous movement.  And while the midterm elections draw nearer to the finish line, there is very little call for calm with regard to the potential violence that is brewing.  With that said, it is evident that the moral fabric and the previous gentle character of  our society now lies in the the balance.  It is high time for the people to come together and choose restraint, calm and patience over hatred and violent behavior which only accomplishes a continuance of the great divide.  A divided nation will not stand while people who come together in a spirit of love, will surely secure their victory, every time.